The just past mid week masking with Purlisse

The Purlisse Blue Lotus and Seaweed Treatment Sheet mask is not a new one to me. I tend to buy these in packs and keep them around. They are really good in the winter because they are very hydrating and soothing. I like them particularly when we have cold icy winds that slide down from the mountains and steal all your moisture leaving you with a full body chap.

Well maybe not full body unless you are running around naked like a lunatic, but the winter winds leave every part of me that is exposed to wind feeling chapped. And you really shouldn’t run around starkers in the winter. If you are a nudist, stay inside before you catch pneumonia.

hard to smile when the mask will cover your lips

So if this is the perfect winter mask, why am I wearing it now? well like it actually. And when I reached in I pulled this mask out. It is actually the last of the pack that I bought a while ago. After I purchased it i realized how crazy my sheet mask drawer was getting and told myself i couldn’t buy more sheet masks until I whittled down the lot. Now i am trying to eliminate all that i have left in my collection before the end of the year.

Then I am probably signing back up for my Facetory subscription. Not only does Facetory have a really good selection of sheet masks but I want to try out some of the other skincare they offer and I think that might be a good way to do it. But that is beside the point. I will also be getting a pack of these Purlisse masks for use in February. That is the month of wind around here.

This Purlisse Blue Lotus and Seaweed mask had a subtle clean scent to it. The scent reminds me of the other items in the Blue Lotus line from Purlisse skincare actually. It is a really god line. I especially enjoyed the moisturizer. It has been a while since I’ve used a lot of Purlisse products but for a while I was routinely purchasing the Blue Lotus Moisturizer from them.

a little extra serum but otherwise a nicely moisturized face.

This sheet mask is pretty juicy but it isn’t dripping. I did have to pat off my hands once I’d applied it to my face. That isn’t too big a deal though. The serum doesn’t drip down my face and that is the most important thing. The material of the mask is a cotton like cloth that clings to every curve of the face. This means that the mask stays in contact with the skin the entire time that it is on. Which is important because if the mask isn’t touching your skin then your skin isn’t really benefitting from the mask.

After fifteen minutes of wear, the mask is removed. I always find there is a little too much serum left over for me to simply pat into the skin so I end up lightly patting my face with a soft cloth. It doesn’t rub off all of it but it takes the drippy bits off. And my skin feels chock a block full of moisture. This Purlisse Blue Lotus and Seaweed mask is a mask I have used often so there isn’t really anything surprising about it. But it is also a mask that I will consistently reorder because I really like what it does for my skin.

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What Spot? Dots from Disciple

I am currently at a stage where I do not normally get a lot of pimples rising. When I do it is typically around the holidays when I have consumed food righter in fat, sugars and salts than I do at any other time of the year or it is related to stress.

Yes my body’s reaction to stress is to stress is to retain weight, suffer from insomnia and to break out. It is a trait I share with all of my father’s side of the family. On the other hand my Mother and all of her side of the family tend to drop weight and retreat into sleep when a big dose of stress hits. It makes for interesting family problem solving.

easy to read expiration

It also means that I don’t keep a lot of pimple related products on hand. For me the rise of pimple patches has been amazing. The small containers are easy to store and they tend to last longer than a lot of skincare products. The two brands I usually use for this are Peace out Skincare and Zitsticka. I find them both to be incredibly effective. However this set of What Spot? Dots from the brand Disciple came in a subscription box and so when recent stress arrived and caused a painful bump to rise, I decided to give them a go.

I don’t know about you but for me when I get a blemish rising in that area between my lips and the side of my nose they really tend to hurt when they are coming up. Perhaps because the skin is so thin there. Regardless I was happy to have something to put on it.

dot in place

Because I don’t use these products often, I always check the dates for expiration and I was pleased to see that it was stamped in easy to read numbers on the interior container. Occasionally I will loose outer packaging for things like this so the inner expiration date helps me. In this case it told me that I had until 2025 to use these dots.

According to the website…

The BHA-powered What Spot? Dot? by DISCIPLE Skincare are effective hydrocolloid patches designed to minimise the look of blemishes and redness.

Featuring salicylic acid, the spot stickers help to decongest the skin, promoting a more clarified complexion. Hyaluronic acid helps to keep the area hydrated, preventing the blemish from drying out. 

before on left, after on right, the Disciple brought the pimple closer to the surface

The dots went on like they usually do. You peel them off and stick them onto the rising blemish. You then leave them while your body absorbs the goodness and the redness and pain retreat.

I will say that this Disciple product did take down the pain of the rising blemish. My skin felt less achy and it did feel a little less red. Was it as effective as either Zitsticka or Peace out? No. I certainly found both products to be more effective. However this did help calm the area somewhat and it did take away the pain of the blemish. It is not a bad product, it simply isn’t the best. I will use these dots for the few blemishes that rise in the near future, but when i restock, I will go back to my usual brands rather than adding the Disciple What Spot? Dots to my list of must purchase items.

Beyond Clean Beauty. Ogee is plant powered, vegan, gluten-free, GMO free and certified organic ingredients.

Spring Into Clean Skin Campaign – Shop Curated Bundles

Balancing with the Grow Gorgeous Shine enhancing Overnight mask

I am a big fan of Grow Gorgeous. Their shampoos and leave in conditioners are some of my favorite and I tend to keep the thickening shampoo and conditioner (from the Intense Line) set in my hair care drawer for anytime i know I need my hair to look good.

that being said their scents can be a little on the strong side. Personally I love the scents. It reminds me of an upscale hair salon. I’m sure there is some sort of name for the variety of scents that make up the scent, but in the end they all merge into one and it is a high class salon scent.

This Grow Gorgeous Shine enhancing overnight mask from their Balance line has that same salon scent to it. According to the product description…

hair mask

The Grow Gorgeous Balance Shine-Enhancing Overnight Mask nourishes hair from root to tip, deeply conditioning your locks. Working overnight, this mask deeply conditions, enhancing your hair’s natural shine, leaving your hair soft and frizz-free.

Thanks to skincare ingredients, this mask targets the scalp as well as the locks, with Hyaluronic Acid to smooth and moisturise hair, giving it a shiny finish. Tung Wood fights to keep frizz under control, whilst also targeting heat damage. Finally, Blended Green Tea Extract and Fruit Acid nourish hair from the inside out, smoothing the cuticles to enhance your hair’s natural gloss and shine. If you want to nourish every inch of your precious hair, this mask is a must-have.

Free from parabens, sulphates, silicones, phthalates.


mask in hair, clipped up and worn for the day (inside where no one could see me)

Here is the thing. I have tried overnight masks before. I just can’t wear them. It doesn’t matter if I put a cap on so that nothing reaches the pillow case. There is something about the feel of lying down with a hair mask in my hair that I just can’t do. The last time I tried it I made it about half an hour before I got up and took a shower just to be rid of the hair mask.

However i knew this overnight mask needed overnight to work whatever magic it had. So one Saturday when i wasn’t doing anything out side of the house, I put it in my hair at nine in the morning and left it there until five that evening. I did chores around the house but I didn’t go out. (You may have noticed in the pictures this is my hair before i had it cut). There two uses of product for me in this tube. I did try it a second time and I had the same results as I did the first.

shine and body

So I did the overnight mask in the day instead of the night. Because the mask in my hair overnight kind of skeeves me out. During the day it was fine. I wrapped it up and used a clip to secure it. If I had to leave the house I could have used a head scarf i suppose, but i didn’t. It was a bit of bother but when i washed the mask out, it was worth the trouble.

My hair was soft and manageable and had amazing shine to it. Would I go through this every week? No. However once a month I would be willing to do. I would also be willing to keep this mask (full size $30) around and the day before a major event use it so that the next day my hair looked it’s best. My hair had shine, body, manageability and honestly I think it looked lovely. This mask from Grow Gorgeous was a bit of effort, but the results were definitely worth it. And if you don’t have the same over night issues I have, then it is even less work. Just remember to put on some kind of cap after you apply the mask so it doesn’t get all over your pillow and you should be fine. As for me, I’ll stick with my apply in the morning on a slow day application. And plan ahead to use this mask when i have somewhere to go where I want to look my best.

Trying out the Kate Somerville Exfoliacate: First Use

I have to admit, this one was a fun test for me. First of all you know I love exfoliators. I love the physical ones and I love the chemical ones too. In addition this is a Kate Somerville product. I find Kate Somerville an interesting brand.

On one hand there are so many people raving about the products that it is hard to believe the hype.

On the other hand, every product I have tried from the brand has lived up to the hype.

But this is the Exfolikate. To be more precise this is the Kate Somerville Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. I have heard so many super fab things about this product for a really long time. Everyone I know has at some point tried this. The reactions range from ‘this is the best’ to ‘it was a little too intense for me but it was still fabulous’. In short I have heard no bad things about this other than comments about it’s intensity.

But what’s a little pain among friends?

And so I am going to pretend i have not heard any of the rave reviews and see how it works for my skin, after all what is fab for one isn’t always fab for all. So to the website!

thin layer of green on the skin

Reveal smoother, clearer skin in two minutes with Exfolikate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment from Kate Somerville. This clinic-inspired exfoliating scrub clears pores and preps skin to better absorb the rest of your regimen, making every product and ingredient that follows more effective.

  • Removes surface dullness
  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reveals a smooth, healthy-looking, glowing complexion
  • Helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles

This product retails for $28 which is quite reasonable actually. According to the directions, a thin layer is applied to the skin, it is massaged in and left for a maximum of two minutes. And then it is rinsed off. The results I am looking for are listed above so I know what I am looking to find. And so onto the face we go.

I have to say I wasn’t expecting it to be green. I know that is an odd thing to say but somehow I thought it would be a clear jelly like thing. I think that might be because a lot of the chemical exfoliators I’ve tried have had that kind of texture. So i found it surprising.

The treatment was easily smoothed over the skin and before I even began the massage in circles part, I could already feel my skin heating up under the mask. I started the timer, massaged the mask and waited the two minutes.

They are not kidding about the intensity of the mask. It was quite intense. I began to have visions of my skin burning off and leaving me extra crispy like Spawn or maybe Freddy Kruger. About the time I was contemplating a life of horror movie existence, the timer went off and I gratefully washed the Intensive Exfoliating Treatment from my skin.

before mask left after mask right

Much to my relief my skin was still there. My skin looked less dull and was in fact glowing just a little bit. It felt soft and smooth. It is recommended that this product be used twice a week. I am sure that if i used it twice a week it would have some pretty good effects. I plan to try it actually. So while I go on with my other skin care I will go on with the ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating treatment. Once I am finished with the tube (or a month has passed whichever arrives first) I’ll circle back and compare my skin to the photos in this post. However I have to say that for a first use, this was quite the product and as impossible as it seems, it feels like the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment will be living up to the hype.

Trying out the Keys Soulcare Reviving Aura Mist

The Keys Soulcare line is a beautifully packaged line of products. Each item I have tried has come in a lovely dark purple glass bottle. It is a line of products where it is clear that someone spent a great deal of time thinking about how the products look and how the packaging functions.

This Reviving Aura Mist from Keys Soulcare is no exception in that department. The dark purple glass bottle feels lux in the hand and the spray nozzle is large enough to comfortably press down. Despite the Luxe feel to the bottle and the spray, the Reviving Aura mist retails for only $25.

I think that may be one of my favorite things about the brand as a whole. The products are designed to feel really expensive but are affordably priced.

The mist itself is quite fine. When it sprays it actually qualifies as a mist. Sometimes, these sorts of sprays can be a bit heavy. In terms of the mist it is light enough to be sprayed both on bare skin and on a fully made up face without fear of the makeup running.

Although it you have a full face of makeup on, don’t over do it with the spray. one or two pumps is fine. The more mist you spray the more it turns into liquid. So keep it light if you are wearing a full face.

But what is the point of a reviving Aura mist, other than to revive slumping auras? According to the website, the answer is simple…

A naturally rose-scented, revitalizing face mist spray and toner formulated with rose of Jericho and witch hazel. Witch hazel helps tone and revive your skin’s appearance. Rose of Jericho helps lock moisture into the skin.

Which hazel and I are old friends. When i was a kid my mother kept a bottle in the medicine cabinet and it was applied to everything from sunburns to rashes to pretty much any other kind of skin irritation you could think of. we also used it straight as a toner when i was younger as well and when my face was covered with acne it was quite helpful in the taking down redness. To this day I prefer toners that have witch hazel as an ingredient. Possibly because I am used to it and partially because it works.


But here is the problem. If you look on the list, there are a lot of things other than witch hazel in the mix. I’m pretty sure the witch hazel did my skin some good in the month since i started spraying this regularly onto my skin (I used it once every day mid afternoon for the past month which is why the bottle is mostly empty now)

I don’t think that this mist did my skin any harm. I think it was refreshing in fact and might have actually done some good. There is nothing I can point to as evidence of improvement, but it was cool and refreshing to feel against the skin. It was a nice light mist and I like sprays that have a nice light mist.

The problem is the scent. This product is so heavily scented with rose that even if my skin felt like it was getting a nice dose of moisture, my brain thought i was spraying rose scented perfume in my face. The package is lovely. The mist is fantastic and the witch hazel is top notch in my book. But that scent is too much. It is way too intense for a facial spray. In general I have liked everything I have tried from the Keys Soulcare line and honestly I really like 90% of this spray. However that final 10% is scent and it looms large. I will use up the last of this bottle of Reviving Aura Mist and hope that in the future they come out with a lightly scented version in the future. I would use this product again if it came to me in a subscription box, but I would not purchase it on my own.

Keys Soulcare

Using the Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Body Soap with CBD

That’s right my darlings, the testing of the Beekman 1802 products from the quarterly box continues as I try to decide if this quarterly box is worth keeping for a while. Thus far i have actually quite enjoyed the items I have used so I am leaning towards a positive feel for the brand in general.

Prior to using the products in this box, I tried out a small hand soap bar from them. It was quite a while ago and it might have possibly been a trial sized bar of soap but i remember thinking it was quite nice. So I was pretty eager to try out this Goat milk Body Soap with CBD.

When you go on the website there are a variety of soaps. The body soaps like this one are 9 ounces. The other soaps seem to be a bit smaller and I am guessing they are more hand soaps. While I love a large amount of product, this is a big bar of soap. I’m not mad at it, but I also do not have the biggest hands in the world. For me there is no picking up this bar and using it against my skin. At least not until it becomes a much smaller bar.

This is the sort of block of soap you put on a shelf in the shower out of the reach of the spray and rub a wash cloth over to get product on it and then use the wash cloth. I know that for many people this is how you use body soap any way. For me when I use a bar of soap in the shower I tend to lather up my hands and then put the soap down.

Given the size it isn’t really workable for me with this bar. It is also a really soft soap. A minute in the range of the spray and it was starting to get really soft around the edges. This is a soft enough formula that it needs to be kept out of the spray. I think what will be interesting is if I keep this subscription, comparing it to other versions of the soap that might come in the box. It will be interesting to see if all of their soaps are like this or if it is just the CBD one. Providing of course that there are more soaps sent while I have the subscription.

And to be honest, even if they aren’t I might actually pick up another bar on my own. This CBD Goat Milk Body soap had zero scent to it, but I see several scents in their soap line up that I wouldn’t mind trying and even though this is an over sized bar that goes a bit melty in the spray, it was a really good soap. There was no soap residue left on my skin and my skin feels soft and hydrated.

I only got to use the bar a few times as my baby doll claimed it for his own. Which was interesting. He really likes the scented soaps from Squatch and I am sure I will continue to pick them up. One of the reason he likes them is that they are just sort of plain square bars. This too is a plain square bar of soap. It has the b1802 imprinted on it, but that was hard to see before the bar was used and gone after a few uses. My baby doll doesn’t like what he considers ‘fru fru bath stuff’.

Well let me correct that. He likes the effects of the items, he just doesn’t want it to look fancy. So he can pretend it is a basic item. He really liked using the bar. His hands are larger so he had no trouble with the size and in fact I think that is what made him think it was a ‘manly sized’ bar and there for best for him. He did think it was a bit on the soft side so he put it on the shelf out of the spray. Once dry it is no longer so soft and it works well. I asked him if he wanted to know what was in it and he said ‘no, but we can get this again.’

Which more or less means that he likes it, wants me to reorder it, but wants to think of it like a larger version of unscented Ivory soap. He also wants to think that it costs less than a dollar, which is what the hardware store around the corner from us sells hand sized bars of Ivory soap for. He doesn’t want the details because then he fears he’ll be in ‘fru fru’ territory again and have to give up a product he likes because anything but basic Ivory soap is too much.

Which is, to be honest, very high praise from him.

So I liked it enough to try out another bar to see if the firmness when wet remains a consistent factor. I liked the way it made my skin feel although it was a little large for my hand and my baby doll really liked it. I’d say, that was a pretty positive response for the Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Body Soap with CBD.

Trying out the Julep Love your Face Hydrating Bamboo Water Cleansing Wipes

I know we have discussed this before. Once I loved using cleansing wipes. I used them for makeup correction and removal. I kept a packet in the car to keep my fingers clean. I kept them around for the mid afternoon grimy skin feel. You know when it is hot outside and you go to the mail box and comeback not quite sweaty enough to call your self sweaty but you still feel like your skin feels kind of gross?

they are useful things.

they just produce a lot of waste and I did my best to ween myself off of using them. The problem is that I still know how good they are. While I no longer purchase them, I do occasionally receive a pack in a subscription box.

This set of Julep Love your bare face Hydrating Bamboo Water Cleansing wipes came to me in a subscription box a while back. I really like the brand Julep. I generally think of them as just good clean Korean makeup even though they are also heavily into skincare. Their cream to powder shadow sticks are amazing if you ever get a chance to try those out. I actually put one of their trios as one of my weight loss rewards. I try to give myself a reward for every ten pounds i lose and this shadow trio is on my rewards list.

textured cloth of the wipes

These wipes are not listed on the Julep site. They are available and may other retailers though. I’m not sure if Juelp discontinued them or not. They were listed at Walmart.

These wipes are really good actually. They have only a light fresh scent to them. They are gentle on the skin and take off makeup very easily. I tried it on black eyeshadow and read lipstick and everything disappeared like a dream. they also didn’t dry out my skin which was nice. There was no alsohol residue in these wipes.

The wipes themselves are wet but not overly saturated. After using them on your face the skin is damp but not dripping and the liquid soon dries without needing to be wiped off. There is no residue feeling left behind when they dry.

While i liked using these wipes, I like using them a bit too much. I really don’t want to bring disposable cleansing wipes back to my routine and with first the Beekman 1802 that came in a subscription and now these, I feel myself falling into old habits. So even though there are still plenty left in this packet, I will be relocating this packet of cleansing wipes to my car rather than keeping them in my bathroom. I think they will be much better used on sticky fingers instead of letting myself fall back into the habit and convenience of daily disposables.

they are however quite fabulous.

Trying out the Honey Pot Lavender Rose Panty Spray

I am a big fan of the Honey Pot’s foaming shower wash. I tried it and incorporated it into my daily routine. It has become a staple in my daily routine. It is ph balanced for a woman’s body and even though I was skeptical about actually needing it before once I tried it there was no going back to just using a regular body wash on my nether regions.

however after trying, loving and repeatedly repurchasing, I didn’t try anything else out from the brand. And so I decided to pick up this Honey Pot Lavender Rose Panty spray to try out.

Totally innovative and dynamic, The Honey Pot Co’s Lavender Rose feminine hygiene spray is a great way to feel fresh throughout the day. We’ve updated our refreshing herbal panty sprays with DeoPlex® technology, resulting in a perfected formula for better deodorization and moisturization. Use this feminine hygiene spray to freshen up fast, without any artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals. 

I chose the lavender and rose because I thought they would be a good balance. They work well together but they are a bit strong for me. The heavy scent is a bit too perfume-y and I would prefer a lighter fresh scent. I think if choosing again I would go for the cucumber and aloe scent instead.

And would I purchase this again? Yes actually I think i would. It isn’t as necessary for me to have on hand as the wash, but it was quite useful this summer. When I went for my walks in the summer heat, i came back sweaty. while I generally jumped in the shower as soon as I could peel my clothes from me often times I just rinsed myself off with water. I like to do a full shower at night and just rinse off after my walk. with the water rinse and towel drying bits of me over drying more than any form of personal scent were the main issue. This spray was just enough moisture without causing any fragrance irritation in sensitive areas.

For me the Honey Pot Lavender Rose Panty Spray was excellent post work out, simply for the way I move and care for my body. The scent was a heavier one but can easily be remedied. While I might not need this as much as the heat fades and autumn gets underway, it is something that I will certainly have on hand as spring fades into summer. I will just choose a lighter scent to suit my own personal preferences.

Trying out the Gloss Me Hair Serum by Design Me

This tiny little bottle of Gloss Me by Design me has been rolling around in the bottom of my hair care drawer for quite a while now. I believe it cam in an Ipsy Glam Bag a while back. While My version is only 10 mL the full size is 80 mL and costs $30. I have tried several products from Design me and they have always been decent products. I think the reason I didn’t try this one out sooner was simply that it was a smaller bottle and it just got buried.

Despite it’s size there was plenty to test as I only needed a few drops per use, but we’ll get to that in a moment. First let’s look at what the product is designed to do.

Weightlessly add high shine, hydration & eliminate frizz. Infused with the perfect blend of oils, vitamins & proteins for just the right amount of glossy shine, smoothness and strength. Apply small amount to damp or dry hair focusing on mid-lengths to ends, style as desired.

Design Me Web Site

There is an entire Gloss Me line. While i have tried other products from the brand they weren’t from this line so this was completely new to me.

I was actually quite impressed with this serum. It took only took a few drops to give my hair a healthy shine. To be honest, I didn’t see much difference in my hair when i put it on damp hair. It worked just like a leave in conditioner.

here this product really excels is on my hair when it is dry. We have high humidity here through out much of the year. The air dries out in December and stays pretty dry until about mid February and then the humidity rises again. What this Hair Serum from Design Me did was tame the humidity induced fly aways and gave my hair a smoother look without frizz and without weighing the hair down.

I ended up using it more like a hair oil and it worked really well for me. My one issue was the scent. The scent of this reminds me of the incense sticks my roommate freshman year of college used in our dorm room. It is not my favorite scent. It does fade back as the gloss is applied to the hair, but if I am wearing my hair down, it is still a scent that is present. I think that is one of the reasons that i would be hesitant to reach for it. I tend to be a very scent oriented person. I think though that given it has a fairly modest price and an amount of product that would last me a really long time, it is something i would pick up to keep on hand to use when I needed to have my hair look good on those high humidity days. If the scent were different, and something I liked just a little bit more I could see this Gloss Me Hair serum being a standard for every day use. With the scent, I can still see it being kept around for when it is really needed. Over all I was very impressed with this Gloss Me Hair Serum from Design Me.

Let’s talk about the Sephora Lip Scrub

I don’t talk about Sephora products a lot, but like a lot of people I will always have a few of them floating around my world. I think it is because of how I usually come to purchase Sephora products. In general when I do purchase them, it wasn’t because I intended to purchase them. Sometimes I add them to the cart to reach the free shipping minimum (although at the moment the FREESHIP code they have listed on the Sephora site takes care of that. I have no clue how long that code will last as I am not affiliated with Sephora, but it was there the last time I ordered.). Other times I pick up Sephora items much the same way I add mints to the grocery cart when I am checking out. “Oh that looks nice, I’ll try it.”

Sometimes the products are flops and other times they rune out to be favorites. The last primer I tried from them proved to be really good and well worth picking up again actually. Their eyeshadows I wasn’t as enamored with.

This was a just before checkout add on for me. Sephora now has 50% off section where certain items are temporarily discounted. Maybe they have had it a while and I just noticed it (it has been a while since I went onto Sephora’s site to be honest). However before checkout I strolled through and saw this lip scrub. Normally $7 it was $3.50.

And you know I can’t resist a good lip scrub. Plus I really like the lipstick shaped ones as they are less messy to use. Sometimes they aren’t as good as the jarred ones, sometimes they are, but they are always less messy. According to the product page…

What it is: A collection of nourishing lip balms and soft lip scrubs with natural-origin ingredients.

What Else You Need to Know: These Sephora Collection lip formulas are enriched with plant extracts and free from ingredients of animal origin. They gently exfoliate lips with coconut powder and sugar and offer lasting nourishment with their creamy texture.

Clean at Sephora
Clean at Sephora is a curation of brands committed to evolving the beauty industry. When you see our Clean seal, you can be sure this brand’s products are formulated without certain ingredients that are potentially harmful to human health and the environment and also address ingredients clients are concerned about, including phthalates, formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasers, oxybenzone and octinoxate, hydroquinone, triclosan, coal tar, methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone, insoluble plastic microbeads, and more. For the full list, check out the Ingredients tab.


I like that this is from their Clean line. I love that the packaging is mostly cardboard and can be recycled when I am through with this, especially as I don’t think it will last long (the product not the packaging, the packaging is quite sturdy). And I like it came in several different scents/flavors. The vanilla appealed to me so that’s the one I chose. I have to say i was also intrigued but the fact that it is both a lip balm and a scrub.

So to the lips!

The top is flat and speckled with what i assume are the scrubby bits It is somewhat vanilla scented but it actually has a playdoh like scent to it as well. The first time I used it, I thought I had ordered a plain lip balm by mistake. I actually checked the package. It is listed as a lip scrub. I used it that night and the next morning. It still felt like a lip scrub. I did the same for the next two days. At the end of those days I started to get a little bit of scrubbing.

I thought that there was just an extra layer of lip balm on the top from the manufacturing process or because they didn’t want all of the scrubby its to fall out. I expected it would become a little more scrubby. It did not.

first use the product was just above the top of the tube this is the product level after one week of use

This is the mildest lip scrub I have ever used. It is still a lip scrub, it just took a few days of use to get to that part. Normally I would only use a lip scrub once a week. I wouldn’t want to over exfoliate my lips. That isn’t a problem with this lip scrub. I can actually use it daily with no problem.

There is no rinsing required the scrubby bits seem to dissolve, at least I can feel the scrub when i use it but once I stop rubbing no bits are left behind on my lips. What is left behind is a waxy feeling lip balm. while this is not my typical lip scrub, I don’t think this is a bad product to have around, especially in the winter.

lips a little waxy but healthy and hydrated

The application of the scrub takes off the dry flaky bits and it can be used daily without causing irritation and once you stop rubbing it functions like a chapstick. We tend to get harsh winds blowing down from the mountains in the wintertime where I live and some sort of thick balm is really needed to keep the lips from becoming chapped. In that capacity I think this would be a great product to have around. If applying any other lip products I would wipe it off first, but it will ensure a smooth lip if used daily, wont over exfoliate and does work well as a lip balm, even if it is a bit waxy feeling.

For me this Sephora Lip Scrub was well worth the $3.50 I paid for it and I would consider paying the full $7. And as daily use will use the product up fairly rapidly, I wouldn’t even mind investing in several different flavors/scents.

Vichy USA- ACD