Weight loss Regime Survival Tip #1: Cheap Cotton T-shirts

When I first started to exercise, I decided to use the t-shirts I already had and was comfortable wearing. The problem with this plan is simple, sweat. No matter how good your deodorant, no matter how often you do laundry or how fabulous your detergent is, routine sweat will take its toll on cloth. Even if all of the sweat stains wash out, the act of washing them out will leave a mark. For me the neck line was especially bad and very quickly took my existing t-shirts from comfortably worn to worn out. Your shirts will begin to look worn out and raggety and you will very quickly not want to wear them anywhere except places you plan to sweat.

In addition, I find it helpful to have separate work out clothes that I don’t wear anywhere else. It helps me shift my mind set. Lets face it, I am not one of nature’s natural born gym rats. I don’t like to sweat and I don’t really enjoy working out. I realize it is necessary, but it is not my happy place. Having clothes I don’t have to look at unless I plan to torture myself with exercise makes me feel better.

When you run out to the store to buy a pack of the cheap cotton t-shirts I would also advise a pack of cheap cotton panties make their way into your cart. No one has to see them and you can keep them with your other gym clothes. They will go from the drawer to your butt to the gym and then to the laundry. This is their life cycle and trust me they do not need to look sexy. Which is a definite plus since they too will take a beating. The cloth will very rapidly look worn and the elastic will wear out…fast. At some point they will reach the stage where you realize that your mother would be mortified if the EMTs had to see them if you happened to get into a car wreck. When you reach the mother mortification stage, throw them away and get another cheap pack.

Save the good underwear for after the post workout shower.

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