TONYMOLY Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack Review

TONY MOLY Panda Sleep Mask

Okay, I’ll admit it.

I got it for the panda.

I was going to start with how I love sleeping masks.  Which,  I do.  Especially in the summer.

During the Summer I tend to go light on my daily moisturizer (mixing a little sunscreen in) and then use more moisturizer at night.  A couple of times a week, I use a sleeping mask (more if I know I’m spending a chunk of the day outside) to help adjust my skin’s moisture levels. It’s an odd system that gets tweaked depending on my day, but it works for me.

During the winter I don’t use the sleeping masks as much.  I’ll use them if I’ve spent the day outside in the wind or the cold or if I’m staying over at someone’s place where the central heat has dried out the air (we tend to keep our house kind of cool in the winter and just wear wool socks and cardigans).

But it is Summer now, so the winter regime is packed away with the wool socks and sweaters (not literally, I actually ran out of product around Easter and won’t repurchase until the fall, just saying.)

And I realized I was running low on my sleeping mask. 

I went poking around on line and came across Beauty Net Korea.  It appeared they were having a sale, but then every time I’ve been to their site it looks like they are having a sale. So I poked around a bit.  I came across a whole section of TonyMoly stuff, which a friend of mine raves about. (She is also really into anime so I thought her review might be packaging related.)

Now, I’ll admit, one of the reasons I didn’t purchase their stuff before was that it looks really cute.  I know, not the way packaging is supposed to work, but in the back of my brain I thought, ‘Sure, for a lip gloss cute is fine, but we are talking actual skin care product here.’

Yup, I judged a book by its cover.

Shame upon me.

But I was still doubtful.  However, the site was offering the oh so cute sleep mask for $4.27.  I decided, to try it.  Even with the tax and the shipping it came to $8.68. As the price is offered at Ulta for $16 and Macy’s for $14.50, I decided even with shipping it would be okay.  I also somehow suspected it was going to be a sample size. 

It was not.  It was full size.

I also suspected it would take forever to reach me. Like months forever.  It took a week and a half.

Since every other expectation was shattered, I began to have hope for the product.

So to the description.  First a warning, while Beauty net Korea has great prices, they do not have great descriptions. They do have sheet masks for twelve cents though so if you are experimenting with products, it is a good place to look into. The description below came from elsewhere (the TONY MOLY site to be exact)

So…Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack

While you’re dreaming away, Panda’s Dream sleeping mask works hard to brighten up your skin tone, so you can wake up to healthy and luminous skin! Visibly smoother and softer skin is just a good night’s rest away with our lightweight, brightening mask. This lightweight yet hydrating formula easily absorbs to infuse your skin with lavender, rosemary, bamboo shoot extract and berry extracts to brighten dark spots and help even out your skin tone.

Okay, now we know what to expect. Admittedly, I have to say, I always distrust exclamation marks in product descriptions. It makes me think they are trying too hard. (I know, I am a mass of biases aren’t I?)

First, the cream does come in a really cure plastic panda container. Usually I like glass because it is more easily recyclable, but as it is really sturdy plastic and  I am fairly certain once it is empty it will be turned into a paperclip holder or something else around the house (either mine or a younger family member’s) rather than going to the dump, I am okay with the plastic. And I will admit, I kind of smile when I see the chubby little panda sitting with the more adult looking creams on my bathroom counter.

It’s like a snuggly invasion.

But while packaging is nice, product is king.

If you’ve been reading my posts, you will know that scent is a big thing for me, so once I twisted open the panda and pried up the plastic top, I lifted the jar to my nose. I know it claims lavender, rosemary, bamboo and berry in the description, but I didn’t smell any of that quite honestly.

You know what it smells like?

It smells exactly like the unscented night cream my mother used when I was a kid.

It is face cream scented …face cream.

Yeah, I don’t know how else to word that.

I admit, it has a certain nostalgia to it.  It reminds me of having my wet hair combed out before bed, being tucked in and kissed good night. So, I’m not mad at the smell, I just don’t know what else to call it. And combined with the panda packaging, I feel like I’ve shaved several decades from my age even before I use the product.

Which isn’t a bad thing either.

I can’t say the product does much in the way of whitening. I have a couple of dark spots along my hairline and they don’t appear to have changed. (But then nothing else has changed them either). 

As far as moisturizing goes, this product works really well.  It soaks in well (just give it a few minutes 3-5 between putting it on and going to bed or your pillow case will need changing in the morning) and my skin felt soft and smooth in the morning.  It isn’t a miracle product, but it is a good sleeping mask.  And if I can continue to get it at a lower price, I will certainly add it to my re-purchase list.

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