Scentbox August 2019 Review: Burberry Brit Sheer

August 2019 Scentbox

While this is one of my favorite subscriptions, I have to admit, it isn’t always my most successful one. For those who don’t know (or have forgotten) Scentbox is a monthly perfume subscription. For $14.95 (their basic subscription involving one scent, they also have a box with two or three scents a month as an option and you can also upgrade to premium) you get one 0.27 oz vial of scent in a spray bottle (enough to last a month) and each month’s scent comes with its own metal traveling case.

Personally I like perfumes. I am picky about which ones I like, but at the same time on almost all of the bottles I see when I read the description, they sound interesting. I know, someone in product marketing is now congratulating themselves on a job well done. And it is well deserved. I love perfume descriptions. They are a marketing triumph. A verbal seduction of scents.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes they go overboard and sound like the back of a trashy romance novel.

Usually though, they are right on track with mouthwatering descriptions that make you hungry, sometimes for a life more glamorous than your every day one, sometimes just hungry for food. There is one perfume whose name escapes me at the moment but the description includes ‘crisp apple, sweet, luscious honey and spicy ginger’. Everytime I read it I think,. ‘man it’s been a while since I made apple crisp’.

I know, not what they were going for, but still, that’s the effect.

But it is big bucks for perfume companies to get their copy reading just right. As all of my scent aficionados out there can probably testify, perfume is expensive. Which is why even when I don’t like the scent in my subscription, it still isn’t that big a loss. A month will let me know if I can live with a scent. It will also let me know if those around me can live with a scent. So I get to try lots of perfumes out, then if I like it enough, make a purchase. And with Scentbox you get to save up scent bucks. Each month you are a member you get $2.24 (for the regular one scent box, the scent bucks you earn are based on what you purchase from them). I’m currently letting mine add up so that when I find a perfume I want, I can lower the price and buy a bottle from them.

Admittedly, those scentbucks will be waiting at least another month. I had high hopes for this month’s selection which was Burberry Brit Sheer. It’s description:

Burberry Brit Sheer, a delicate, joyful and fresh floral fruity fragrance. Top notes are yuzu, pineapple leaves, litchi, mandarin, grapes. Middle notes include pink peony, peach blossom, and nashi. Base notes are white musk, and blond woods.

Burberry Brit Sheer, full bottle

It sounded delightful and summery. And it is a pleasant scent. It comes on a bit strong in the first spray but if you give it a minute, the scent fades back to something rather nice. Sweet without being overpowering. One of the problems is that an hour or two later, the scent is gone. The need to refresh the scent later in the day is not a deal breaker, so I tried to decide if ‘nice’ was enough of an endorsement. For me it wasn’t.

But like I said I don’t live alone so I am not the only one who has to live with my perfume choices. So I gave myself another spritz and let my darling dearest take a whiff.

His reaction:

“It smells like you stole the soap from a fancy hotel.”

Poetic, no?

And I have to admit, he is right. The scent is not unlike the soap offered in high end hotels.However ‘soap thief’ is not really what I want my scent to say about me. So I will use this scent up but not be purchasing a full bottle. As the full bottle is $92 and my sample was $14.95, I still feel I got a good deal out of the box, even if I did not find a new go to scent. Admittedly, I now want to write a short story about a soap thief, but that is an all together different issue.

Oh well, next month, there will be a new scent to try. Maybe something spicy next time that makes me think of the cooler weather to come. Or possibly citrus scented making me feel crisp and clean. I’ll have to think about it and possibly rearrange my roster of scents. Possibly read a few more descriptions. Sometimes, I think the anticipation is almost better than the actual scent. I have a hard time thinking of that as a completely bad thing.

If you are interested, I’ve pasted my referral link HERE. If you use it, I think we both get a free scent and you get your first box at a discount. If that bothers you, no problems, just go to and check it out for yourself.

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