Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Review

Pretty Filter Jar with packaging

Pretty Filter Waterful Cream by Touch in Sol was one of the add ons for IPSY in the month of August and I purchased it at the add on price of $12. The cream itself retails for $38 on the Touch in Sol website.

I have to say I was very much looking forward to trying out this face cream.  I have been hit or miss on water creams, but thus far everything I’ve tried from Touch in Sol has been a good product.  Admittedly, that isn’t a large number and both of them were primers, but they were very good primers, each for a different season and both of which went on my ‘to buy again’ list. I also like the fact that the box was just a box with no filler in it. The company chose a box that fit the jar inside and didn’t try to provide excess packaging. The small card stock bock was easy to break down. I actually added it to my compost in the back and it broke down well. A small thing, I know, but I like it.

So to the facts.

We’ve already covered price, so let’s move on to weight. On the package it lists the amount of cream inside as 1.76 ounces. When the full unopened jar was weighed it came out to exactly 6 ounces. After two weeks of use the jar weighed exactly 5 ounces. Doing simple math, the jar itself weighs 4.24 ounces and I used 0.76 ounces of cream in my two week trial.  By extrapolating out I would guess that this cream would last another two and a half to three weeks (maybe more if the weather actually looks at the calendar and turns to fall and the sun stops trying to dehydrate me like a raisin). 

So at a general estimate the $38 jar of cream will last about five weeks.

This makes the length of time the cream will last about as long as the Sunday Riley Vitamin C cream I tested a while back and much longer than the Purlisse Matcha Green Tea cream.  (Both had the same amount of cream and both reviews are posted on the blog elsewhere so I won’t restate my opinions here.) Product amount and packaging give us a good start.

Now the claims.

According to the website it is a:

…Light weight Moisturizing Cream perfect for all skin types. EWG green formula. Hyaluronic acid helps to instantly provide intense moisture to skin. Hydrolyzed collagen helps restore plumpness and firmness.

So not a lot of claims. Personally I kind of like the face that it is a face cream that says its a face cream and doesn’t promise you eternal youth or a lost city of gold. (Sorry I’ve been reading a lot of ‘Age of Discover’ books lately and fell asleep after reading about El Dorado last night).

I will say it does provide moisture and absorbs well if you give it a little time. You do have to wait a minute or so to let it soak in before applying anything over it and if you apply too much it will just sit on the skin and you will have to wipe it off. If you are in a rush, go light on your application and brush your teeth or something while you wait for it to sink in. You can’t rush it , but doing something else makes you feel less like you are waiting and more like you are running through your morning routine. I didn’t notice any plumpness or firmness increasing. It did keep my skin soft and hydrated though and I really liked the texture.

Interior of the jar showing the jelly like cream

I have tried two other water creams prior to this, one I really liked (Purlisse Watermelon Water Balm) and one I didn’t care too much for (Belif Water bomb).  This is better than the Belif, but not as good as the Purlisse, putting it right in the middle. Compared to other creams in general, it is also a mid-range option for me. It is a good cream. I will use it until it is gone, and I wouldn’t mind using it again (especially since the price is more affordable than other creams I’ve tried and liked).  It is not however going on my ‘must haves’ list, but it does hold a place in my ‘have no problems using again’ list. Across the board, this cream is squarely in the middle. If I had a one to ten rating for each separate evaluation for a face cream, it would have scored fives in every category. I suppose that shows consistency

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