Scentbox: Jimmy Choo’s Illicit

I love that each month’s scent comes with a travel case so I don’t ever worry about it getting broken in the mail by my less than gentle postman.

I think this month, I found a winner. For the past few months I have gotten scents that were nice, and I was willing to use until the supply ran out. This is the first time in a while I have found a scent I would be willing to purchase. The fault is entirely my own of course. While Scentbox offers suggestions, I tend to go off on my own, reading descriptions and getting excited about fragrances that don’t work for me.

It means that the monthly scent I receive, while always good quality, is a bit of a gamble. Some scents I pass along to others who appreciate them more and others I wear until the supply is gone. Then of course I am off to find a new scent.

Personally, I kind of like the scented surprise. I have found combinations that I would never have thought to put together (some with better results than others). I have also found out things about myself and my preferences. For example I have learned that if patchuli is in the fragrance mix, regardless of what other elements are contained in the scent, I will more than likely not like the resulting perfume. While I’m sure that is not always the case, my love of the scent of warming spices has frequently led me to patchouli and disappointment often enough for me to be wary.

This month I took a blind gamble and it paid off. I read over the description, thought ‘Well, I like the shoes’ and added it to my line up. I know. Sadly that was my entire thought process. (And yet I wonder why I so often get duds? Sigh.)

When first spritzed, the scent comes on strong. While it dies back to a more acceptable scent level after a moment, the scent does not fade away and does last throughout the day. I still had little teasers of scent when I went to take my pre bed time shower and I applied it in the morning.

While I am not as given to fanciful hyperbole as the folks who write up perfume descriptions I would have to say that it is a floral scent, with warm spicy notes that keep it from becoming cloying and sweet. For some reason I think it has a slightly powdery scent to it, like scented baby powder.

The folks at Jimmy Choo give its description as:

… a modern floral, created by the perfumer Anne Flipo. It starts with frizzy notes leading to the floral heart and the warm, honey amber base. Ginger and bitter orange open the composition. The heart consists of rose and jasmine sambac, laid on the base of honey amber accord and sandalwood.

Kind of beats my description hollow I suppose. But I do stand by the powdery note. Personally I like it. At the moment it is early in the month and I will wear the scent to determine if I still like it at the end of the month. If I do, I will be purchasing a bottle. It has been several months since I have been willing to add a scent to my purchase list, but I really think this one is going to make it. Let’s hear it for Jimmy Choo. My mind will no longer categorize the brand as just ‘nice shoes’ anymore.

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