October Scentbox #1: Eau De Cartier

October 2019 Scentbox

Morning everyone it is time for one of my favorite subscriptions. For those who don’t know Scentbox is a monthly perfume subscription. For $14.95 a month you can get a 0.27 ounce sample of a perfume of your choice sent to you to try out. They have a great selection and if the perfume you chose is really horrible, you can return it and as long as it still has most of the sample inside, they will send you a new selection no questions asked.

I actually had to exchange one and their customer service was fantastic. I had zero problems and it made me like the company even more. If you are interested in more information you can click HERE to get to something more official. As a disclaimer it is my referral code and if you use it I think each of us gets one free perfume sample as a result. If that bothers you just go to scentbox.com instead.

I really like that this month they sent a breast cancer awareness pamphlet with some rather sobering statistics on it. I really liked receiving it as well as the information it contained. As you can see one of the scents also has the pink ribbon on the travel case that each scent comes in automatically. I also like the cases. They keep things from breaking in transit and don’t create extra packaging to dispose of as the product comes in.

Now I’m sure most of you noticed the #1 in the title. and the two perfume samples in the above photo.

I knew you were smart.

That’s why we’re friends.

This month I increased my subscription to two samples. It is an additional $10 per month so I now pay $24.95 for two samples. which means each sample is now about $12.47 in cost. I chose to get two samples because that way I can choose one that looks relatively safe and one that might be a little bit out there without feeling like I’ve wasted a month’s selection. As you probably remember from reading my perfume reviews, my curiosity does not always net me the best fragrences.

So, while both samples came at the same time. My nose can’t evaluate them both at the same time. I spent this week wearing the first sample and tomorrow I will break out the next sample and report back on it next week. I don’t want to confuse my poor nose. After surviving ragweed season, I feel it deserves some kind of consideration.

So Eau De Cartier. The description on the Scentbox site is:

Eau De Cartier as it is sold in the bottle.

This creation by Cartier, with the crisp transparency of spring water, is a new turning point for the brand. The prestigious french jeweler has never before presented a unisex fragrance. Embodying generosity and the brand’s values of quality and tradition.

I’ll admit, it isn’t all that descriptive, scentwise. Usually the marketing people have me drooling over a scent based on its description. I kinda have to say, I like that they didn’t bother. It intrigued me a bit. I like a bit of mystery now and again. Which I suppose means that where perfume is concerned I am damned no matter if the description is evocative or not. In the smaller box to the side the scent notes are listed and they are bergamot, cedarwood, lavender, violet and yuzu. While the simple description drew me in, it was the scent notes that had me adding it to my list.

Scentbox Monthly subscription sample

I have to say, I am finding it a very intriguing perfume. The first spritz comes on a little astringent. That scent made me think, oh no. But it fades almost immediately. Then you are left with a light clean smelling scent that is lightly floral and utterly feminine without tipping over into the ‘sweet little girl’ realm. This is a floral scent meant for an adult.I know that sounds strange to say, but I have found many floral perfumes smell to me like something I would have liked wearing in middle school or early highschool when I first started learning about perfume rather than something I would wear now. This is something I would wear now.

I really like this scent, but it is not something I think I would wear every day. It is the sort of perfume that makes me think I am going out to a candle lit restaurant. It makes me think of getting dressed up in my finest for a night of elegance and romance. It smells special and makes me feel special to wear it. And how a scent makes you feel is really the whole point of the fragrance. While I don’t think that I would wear it on the daily, I think I will be adding a bottle of this to my list to purchase.

Even if I don’t frequent Michelin Star restaurants or gala premiers, I like the thought of wearing something that makes me feel like I am about to do so. I will be wearing this when I go out to dinner with my baby doll, or even on those days when I am having a bad day and just need a little something to make me feel special. Over all, I have to say I am pleased I took a chance on this perfume and added the sample to my list. I can’t wait to see how the next perfume stacks up.

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