October Scentbox#2: Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Bianca

The October subscription as it came to me.

I know that my original plan was to wear my second perfume for a week and then report back in as I like to spend some time with perfumes before I make an actual decision on them. It is one of the reasons I really like this Scentbox subscription.  With the size of the sample, not only are you not fumbling with a tiny tube of scent, but you have enough product to actually make a determination. There have been so many perfumes I’ve gotten in tiny samples that I liked when trying them, but did not care for once I’d gotten a bottle.  I have also spilled many a sample as it came with only a stopper not a spray bottle. For me I like to try things out for a while before deciding if I can live with it. I also dislike coating myself with perfume when i am trying for a simple sniff, but that is mostly due to my own clumsiness.

I know, you are thinking, that’s fine, but why are you not waiting until the end of the week to review this Mimsy, hmmm?

Good question and I will answer that, but first, the perfume.

I like the sleek black with the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon and the Scentbox logo, but this perfume sample is pretty but deadly. or at least not to my taste.

The second perfume in my October Scentbox subscription was the Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Bianca by Guerlain.The description on the website reads:

The new fragrance from the Guerlain Aqua Allegoria collection is named Nerolia Bianca. The fragrance launched in late March 2013.With this creation Thierry Wasser tried to reconstruct every fraction of a bitter orange tree; from its flowers, fruits and twigs to leaves. The scent is very fresh and citrusy. It contains accords of orange, bitter orange, orange blossom, neroli, twigs and leaves of orange and petit grain.

The beautiful, full sized product in it’s original packaging.

I have to admit, I have a weakness for orange blossom. One of the first perfumes I ever adored featured orange blossom.  It was a gift so I didn’t pick it out myself, which is partially why I cannot remember the name of the perfume.  It also came in a somewhat generic looking bottle making it hard to look up. So alas, that perfume has been lost to the sands of time. I’m sure it wasn’t a terribly expensive perfume and I doubt very much it is made any more.  I also think sentiment and memory adjust my remembrance of the fragrance, but it still means that I see orange blossom in the mix and smile.

However this fragrance may have cured me of that. 

At least for a little while.

Yup, that’s the reason I am not waiting to review this after wearing it a week.  I can’t wear it a week. 

While there is a scent that might be called orange blossom mixed into the perfume, the scent is both strong and cloying. It also reminds me of a nursing home where I used to volunteer.  One of the older ladies put on perfume every morning (which I admit, I will be one of those ladies as well when the time comes so no shade there), but it was applied strong to counteract the smell of required topical ointments and other sick room smells (something to remember when my turn comes round).

Not exactly the fragrance I was going for.

I put it on while standing in my small bathroom and had to immediately open the door so I wouldn’t be over powered.  It is strong and has the staying power of a leech. If you want something that will stick around, this is your perfume. Once on, it isn’t going anywhere. 

After applying it and thinking, maybe it will mellow, I left the bathroom and started my day.  Twenty minutes later and not only had the scent not mellowed any, my eyes were watering. I don’t know if it was the scent or if I am somehow allergic to one of the components, but I could not wear this scent any longer. Rinsing it off with water didn’t help. Washing with soap and water knocked it back a little bit.  Finally, I broke down and just took a full shower and changed clothes in case the material soaked any scent up.  It did and to keep my closet from being saturated with the fragrance like some sort of demented air freshener, I had to do a load of laundry.

This was Friday.  This morning (monday) when opening my closet door, I still get a ghost of a scent from my laundry hamper (I may have to take out the lining and wash it). This is one of those scents that seems to almost be alive. It has the force of a personality behind it.  I can respect that, but it is not a personality I want to be friends with.  I have a box of beauty products to donate and I think this will be added to the lot.  I’m sure with its nice packaging and pretty pink ribbon, someone will snap it up. As it takes all kinds to make this world we live in, they may even like the scent more than I do.

As much as I like the larger perfume samples, with this one, one spritz was enough to let me know that this scent is not for me. Oddly enough, I expanded my perfume selection to two samples per month so that I can try one safe perfume and one sort of experimental scent.  That way I felt certain I would have one scent per month I would definitely like enough to use up. This was my safe scent and the first scent of the month (Eau De Cartier) was my out on a limb try it perfume.  That one I liked and will probably end up purchasing.  My safe one, I want as far from me as possible as quickly as possible. 

Go figure huh?

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