Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot Primer Review

Is it worth the hype?

On one of my forays into Target I came across a Soap and Glory sale.  As I’ve mentioned before I am a big fan of their Peaches and Clean face wash and thought this a good opportunity to pick up a few of their other products to try out. One of those products was the One Heck of a Blot Instant Perfecting Power Primer.

Try saying that five times fast, I think my fingers even stuttered typing it.

As this product has been well hyped by loads of folks, I’m sure you have heard of it.  If not, it is a mattifying primer and often spoken of as though it were some sort of magic potion.  And if they are selling magic potion for $11.99 at Target that actually works, then I am in.

As long as it works.

Because that’s the key.

Who wants a magic potion that doesn’t work?

Unless you are anti magic potion. Or involved in a complicated diabolical plot in which the magic potion could completely scupper your plans… Unless you are the good person and it is the tyrant who has the magic potion. Why do you always have to assume I’m the evil one in these scenarios? I could be good. Just because someone runs around in a black cape cackling madly as they thwart would be heros does not mean that I’m … I mean they are evil. Those heroes could have needed thwarting.

But that’s not important right now.

So to the product description page to find out the actual product claims.  It reads…

Want perfect, shine-free skin? Meet, arguably, the best primer ever – ONE HECK OF A BLOT™ Instant-Perfecting Power Primer. It absorbs oil and controls shine all day. So pores look smaller – your skin smooth. (For all skin types.) With PORE-SHRINK™ Technology to instantly diminish the appearance of pores and SHINE-BLOC™ 12HR Matte Spheres for all-day-shine control, our magnificent, multi-action primer helps hide imperfections, even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of redness. It also helps makes your make up last longer and, with vitamin E, leaves you good to glow.

Not just a tongue twister featuring the letter P but one heck of a lot of claims. Let’s break them down.

Absorbs oil.

Shrinks pores.

Hides imperfections.

Helps make up last longer.

Evens out skin tones.

Everyone got that? Good.

First off, I should state that I love primers.  Often on my low makeup days once I have finished my skin care routine, I will apply primer, dust with powder, swipe on some mascara and lip gloss and consider myself done. It is an everyday part of my routine. So for my test of this product, I wore it both under foundation and on its own with only a powder topper.

The primer has a light pink tint to it which lends itself well to wearing without foundation.  I’ve always found the ones with a slight white tint to them to leave your skin looking a little lifeless if you don’t put anything over it. Those I save for under foundation. So the color enthused me.  I dotted the product on my face and then blended it in with a brush.

The product went on smoothly without a problem and I could easily see an immediate reduce in shine on my skin.  (While I tried to capture this, the flash went off on my camera and the overhead lights gleamed so I’m not sure how mattifying the second picture looks, but in person it was quite mattifying).  This was an excellent start.  After all a mattifying primer should mattify if nothing else. Which it did.

I don’t have a lot of redness or dark spots on my face so I didn’t see any sort of imperfection concealing abilities, but perhaps I would have seen more of an effect if I had a specific spot I wanted to conceal. It did help blur the look of my pores though which was nice.

Freshly washed with nothing on the skin.

My one concern was that it was not a very sticky product.  Many of my primers tend to be a little on the sticky side to grip makeup better.  This didn’t have that.  I’m not sure if that was an effect of the matte agents or what, but it wasn’t there.

Just the primer on my skin. I did see a significant matte effect.

On the days when I applied just powder and went about my day, the primer worked well. While the slight pink tint to the product did not tint my skin, it allowed my natural skin tones to show through so I didn’t look like I had any product on at all really, although I did notice that it helped sort of blur out my pores, so like my skin only a little better.  Not magic, but better. When I checked in the mirror later, I didn’t need to apply more powder because there was no shine of oil coming through.  While I am not a super oily person in general, if I am just wearing primer and powder then I generally find that mid-day a couple pats of powder help.  On the days I used this primer, I didn’t need the extra pats. It continued to keep my skin looking matte.

The product on my hand.

On the days that I used foundation, I made sure to try it not only under my favorite Becca liquid foundation, but my Nars foundation stick and the Neutrogena crème foundation with SPF 50 so that I could get a decent feel for how it worked with different formulas.  I had no problems with using this primer under any of the foundations.  It didn’t pill or crease into lines and it made foundation application smooth.

Did it do some slight blurring of the pores? Yes.

Did it mattify my skin and keep oil from seeping through during the day? Yes.

Did it extend the life of my makeup? Possibly, but mostly because it stopped oil from seeping through.

Did it hide imperfections and even out skin tone? A little maybe.

Is it a magic potion? Not really.

But it felt good on the skin and it is one of the best drug store primers I have come across.  Is it my absolute favorite primer? I have to say no.  I will say though that I will continue using it and I will repurchase it again to have on hand, especially on days when I know I want to shine for reasons other than because I’m oily. So even if it isn’t a magic potion, it is a good product at a great price and it has earned a spot in my make up bag. Even if the term Pore-shrink technology makes me think of 1950s sci-fi movies. As I said, this was only one of the products from Soap and Glory that I picked up. there were a few others and because of this trial, I am looking forward to testing them out even more.

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