Weight loss Regime Survival Tip #30: Water

The bottle and glass system of water intake

I know. This is not news. Water is good for you. Unless it has contaminants and then it can be spectacularly bad for you. Which is partially why there are so many clean water initiatives.

But mostly it is good.

Whether trekking the Sahara and trying to stay hydrated so that you don’t turn into a puff of dust yourself or just trying to keep your skin plump and hydrated to avoid looking like the crypt keeper, water is good for you.

It is especially good if you are trying to lose weight.

When you work out, you sweat. When you sweat, in addition to purging toxins, burning calories and diminishing some necessary minerals and elements, you also lose moisture. After all something has to flush those things out of your body. (The toxins and minerals, I don’t think calories actually can be just lost with sweat. If they could I think people would try to take cookies into a sauna and mid-summer all of the American South would look anorexic.Seriously, there would be telethons to raise money for air conditioners.)

The water (and essential minerals) need to be replaced. I know if I drink less water than I’m used to I start to feel very lethargic and hungry. Very very hungry.

It turns out that sometimes when you are hungry, you aren’t really hungry, you just need extra water. At least that is what I’ve heard. I am not sure how much of that I believe and how much is wishful thinking. It might be a little from column A and a little from column B. I’m sure there are times when I feel hungry where I am actually thirsty and there are times where I feel hungry because I am actually hungry.

I know this because sometimes I feel hungry, drink water and am no longer hungry. Other times I feel hungry, drink water and my body says ‘that’s nice, now where’s the food.’

Clearly that is not very scientific, but as the person who insists on the hunger just means thirst tends to use water to avoid eating and then stares longingly at my sandwich, I’m not so sure how scientific she is being. I do know that I can usually convince her to take half my sandwich though.

You know, to help me out so I don’t eat too much because I’m thirsty and not because I am testing to make sure she isn’t starving herself into oblivion. Its to help me out, with calories and getting a second opinion on my sometimes strange sandwich combinations.

Remember that in case anyone asks. She’s just being helpful, not hungry.

But barring my concern for extremists,water is still good.

My problem is that if I try to drink anywhere close to the recommended amount of regular water, I feel bloated and sloshy. My solution is actually the Soda Stream. That’s right, carbonation is my friend. Now I would like to say that I am in no way sponsored by them, I just like their product. It just turns regular water into seltzer water, so if you have a seltzer dispenser in your bar set, go with that, it does the same thing, and may actually make you feel fancier. Just don’t add the booze, especially right after a workout. that might not go so well for you.

I don’t use any of their soda additives offered with the machine. I do like that it comes with a sturdy bottle that can be reused. I don’t actually drink out of the bottle, I make the water in their provided bottles and then either pour it into a glass or fill a re-usable water bottle if I am going to the gym or something.

This method helps their bottles last longer so there is less waste and I don’t have to worry about how many cans or bottles I am going through in a day. Plus I find that if I use a smaller glass, like the one pictured above, I tend to drink more water than with a bigger glass. It helps that I refill the glass as soon as it gets to the halfway point so it never drops below half full and if I need to I can chug the entire glass pretty quickly.

Yup that’s right, a dieter’s best friend, self-trickery, returns.

Small plates make it look like you have a larger portion of food than it looks on a larger plate and when you are trying to drink a lot more water, small glasses help. After all, you can finish that tiny little glass of water can’t you? Its not that much, surely you can do that?

It has now become a habit to refill the glass before it dips too low and I am finding that not only do I hit the recommended water for the day, but I actually feel better with more water in my system. And as a bonus, my skin is a lot clearer with fewer blemishes.

Let’s hear it for carbonation and the water it lets me drink.

And to be honest, occasionally I will add a drop of lemon or lime juice to the bottle for a little flavor without the sugar. Just be careful what you add so you aren’t adding in a bunch of not so great things to something pretty good for you. Oh and if using the Soda Stream, add the flavor after you’ve carbonated the water and go very slowly or you will risk causing a fountain. Sometimes it is better just to put a drop or two in the glass instead of the bottle.

So as obvious a tip as this is, sometimes the obvious needs to be stated. Water is good for you. especially when dieting. It may not be a magic elixir, but it is pretty good.

Don’t get me wrong, those first few days as your body gets used to having a greater influx of water, you will need to know the quickest pathway to any lavatory facilities, but that will soon balance out, or at least it did for me. Those first few days though, map your routes. Trust me.

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