Kiss, Kiss Darling

a bevy of lip products to try

Anyone who has been reading this for any length of time knows I have a deep affection for lip products.  Last winter when I began to seriously make an effort to lose weight, lipstick and lip balm were my go to anti-snacking defense as well as a fun makeup product. 

In our household January is a big birthday month and as one of the family bakers, I end up making all sorts of cakes and sweet treats for various celebrations.  As I began my weight loss attempts I had to convince myself not to nibble on the extra birthday goodies.  Since I don’t eat for a little while after applying lip products, I became compulsive about applying lip balm as a snack reducing technique.

Over the course of the year, my urge to snack has diminished a lot.  Part of that is the fact that we don’t keep a lot of snack foods in the house. It is much easier to ignore a craving if satisfying it requires a lot of time and effort. As a result, I became less compulsive with my lip balm application. The end result? As the weather cooled, my lips began their annual chapping.

So in order to maintain kissable lips (or at least not painfully cracked ones) we bring forth the lip products.

ELF lip scrub in Sweet Cherry

First we have three lip scrubs and then we have two lip treatments.  The first lip exfoliator is from ELF and is in the scent Sweet Cherry (retail $4 at Target).  I mentioned this in my end of the year review and I have to say I really like this one.  When you first start it, the product feels like a lip gloss, but then you wear off the covering of gloss and find the exfoliator underneath.  The exfoliator is a good one, just make sure your lips are damp before you start using it as it needs a little moisture to get going. The highlight of this exfoliator is its shape.  It is in the shape of a lipstick so you don’t have to dip into a jar with your fingers and clean up is super easy. If you get the scrub in your mouth, it is sweet but has no real taste. The downfall is that after you wipe it off you definitely need to use a lip balm right after or your lips feel a little naked.

The Kismet Buff Sugar scrub in Bright and Bubbly (retail $12) does require the fingers in order to apply, unless you have a spoon from another product standing by and even then you need to massage it with fingers as well as rubbing lips together.  I believe it is supposed to be a champagne flavor/scent.  It smells like it is attempting to either be strawberry or raspberry, but not quite reaching either.  It is not a bad scent, but I would never sniff and think champagne.  I sniff and think sweet and fruity. The scrub works well, but it feels a little rougher than the other two products I tried.  It is my least favorite of the bunch and one of those that I will use until it is gone, but will not be repurchasing.

The third scrub I tried is hanalei sugar lip scrub (retails $25 on official site but seems to be offered for less on many other sites so I’d shop around if you are looking for it.).It smells of lemon lime and is a very good exfoliator.  It too comes in a jar so it is a little messy.  While the scrub itself is comparable with the ELF formula, where this product shines is the oil in which the sugar is mixed. After the scrub is removed, the residue left behind is far more hydrating than any of the other products making this my top lip scrub of the batch.  With the ELF product it is recommended that you use lip balm following the exfoliator.  With the Hanalei scrub, this is not needed. The ELF is a standard lip scrub I will always have on hand, its form more of a convenience than any other, but truthfully the Hanalei is a better over all product and despite its expense, the large jar lasts a really long time as you never use all that much of it.

Despite not needing any additional products after using the lip scrub, I did purchase a hanalei lip treatment (retail travel set of three for $20 which is what I got. They have a single full size for $20 as well but I really like the travel ones) to try.  It is a tube that is essentially a lip mask.  I often use it in conjunction with the hanalei lip scrub when I apply it before bed as an extra measure.  It works well as a lip mask set.  This lip treatment also works well as a lip balm, especially if you are planning on spending a lot of time outside in the cold and wind.  It is more intense protection than regular lip balm and really helps in preventing chapping in the first place (which is kind of my goal to be honest).  The one I’ve got is in mauve pink and it gives a slight pink tint to the lips that makes them look super healthy rather than like you are wearing a heavily tinted lip gloss.

The bite night time lip mask

The final lip product I tried in my effort to keep winter chapping at bay is the Bite Agave Lip Mask. (retail $22 and I think it will last a really long time because you use so little with each application)  While it does come in a jar, it also comes with a small spoon/spatula.  This product is technically called Nighttime lip therapy and that is where this product shines.  I love putting this on my lips just before bed and letting it soak in over night.  It feels a little bit like vaseline at first, but it sinks into the skin of my lips well over night and I found that when I have chapped lips, applying a layer at night really helps me wake up with soft lips.  Thus far as soon as I feel slight chapping, I apply the mask at night and wake up with no chapping the next morning.  Doing this has helped me avoid the painful chapping that I tend to get in the wintertime. I will definitely be ordering this when it runs out however I have been using this off and on for several weeks now and have barely dented the top of the product so I doubt a reorder will be needed anytime soon. It will certainly last through the winter and probably into the summer.

Interior of the Bite Lip mask

Now of course we are starting the January birthday run.  Tonight I am baking the first of the cakes as tomorrow starts the first round of celebrations.Soon my counter top will be littered with cupcakes, cakes, and the freezer will be filled with a cornucopia of ice creams as no one can agree on their favorite flavors. With this will come the return of the lip balm anti-snacking defense.  I will be applying my lip balm compulsively for the next month running through more product than I usually use in about four other months.

My current favorite lip balm

My favorite for this task?  Jersey Shore Cosmetics. (retail $10 although they are having a package deal of some sort if you follow the link – I am in not an affiliate, just a fan and I saw the deal when I linked this post) My super favorite is the peppermint.  The scent is nice, but not overwhelming, and the hydrating formula means that I will not need any form of lip mask until February when the birthday season ends. For now, I am putting the masks back in the cabinet and rotating through the scrubs with a once a week application and while I have my currently open Jersey Shore Cosmetics peppermint lip balm at the ready, I also have an order in for several more to get me through the season. Not only will my lips remain kissable soft all year, but I will avoid the multitude of cakes and snack foods whose arrival in my house is imminent. So kiss, kiss Darling. I’m ready, are you?

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