Time to Exfoliate…

I have always been a big fan of exfoliators.  As a result, I have tried several.  I found this one intriguing because of the name. It is the Goldfaden MD Solution Doctor’s Scrub (retail $75). It sounds both oddly medicinal, yet slightly generic all at the same time. At least to my ears.

The claims from the website are fairly straightforward.

A daily facial exfoliator that adds hydration and removes dead surface skin revealing brighter, radiant, healthier-looking skin. Buffs and removes dead skin. May improve the appearance of skin color and tone. Works to reduce the appearance of pores and lines.

All of the things you’d expect in an exfoliator.  I will say though that with a $75 price tag attached to it, I was expecting an amazing product.  Especially since I have tried several really good exfoliators that are in the $30 -$40 range.  For me oddly enough, exfoliators don’t seem to be in that super expensive tier of skin care where moisturizers and serums seem to live.  I’m not entirely sure why. It may just be a mental block for me and others may expect them to be pricey, but for some reason I don’t expect that sort of price range from exfoliators.

The texture of the product is like fine sand.  There are no super hard pieces to it which I found a relief.  I worry when there are too many larger hard bits. I like exfoliating, but I don’t want to cause damage. This one was milled down far enough that it wasn’t much of a concern.

The texture is very finely milled.

The scent of the scrub is light and clean with a vaguely lime scented undertone to it.  I liked the scrub of the formula.  It exfoliated well.  My problem with it was that it left a slightly greasy feeling residue on my skin when I rinsed it off that made me want to wash my face right after using it. 

Typically after exfoliating I leave my skin alone for a while (at least an hour) before applying any cream or lotion.  I don’t have any real scientific reason, I just feel like letting my skin rest and recover from the exfoliating before messing with it again.  Plus, with good exfoliator I really like the super clean feeling it gives me. Call me a weird-o, but I really like basking in the feel of fresh clean skin.

I get over it soon enough and apply moisturizer and makeup like a normal person, but for a little while I revel.

And I bask.

What can I say?

This did not leave me with the super clean freshly scrubbed feeling and I had to use a cleanser right after using it which was slightly disappointing. I think if my skin were more on the dry side, I would not have as much of a problem with that aspect of the scrub.  It is really good, but it is just not for my skin type. Because of that it is not going to go to the top of my list of must repurchase products. 

What is interesting though, beyond the skin type issues, is that on the packaging it claims that this exfoliator can be used daily.  While I enjoy a good scrub, I don’t use exfoliator daily. (yes, I limit my reveling)  In addition, this is far too intense a scrub to be used on a daily basis, at least by me.  Some of you may like it.  For me, this would be a once a week sort of product. 

Like I said, it does have a good exfoliation to it, and a pleasant smell.  However because of the need to wash off the remaining greasy residue at the end of using this product, I am going to have to pass on repurchasing. Perhaps if I had much drier skin, this would be less of an issue. 

But fear not, gentle reader, it will not go to waste.  I have a friend with much drier skin and a love of exfoliation that matches my own who will be taking it off my hands (despite just coming in a jar, I used a scoop to extract the product I used rather than just dipping my fingers into it so it is untainted by actual touch.) Perhaps she will enjoy it more, but I can definitely say this one is not for me.

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