Weekly Weight: 205.6 lbs

January 10, 2020

And we danced the dance of the forty pound loss. Children fled and teenagers rolled their eyes in mortification. But still the dance continued and despite the gray clouds and incessant drizzle today is a fabulously bright and sunny day.

I know, the numbers on the scale aren’t everything. I get that, but I have had so much back and forth near that forty pound mark that it feels like a major achievement. Tomorrow I will go back to realizing that it is how I feel and my personal health that trumps a number. And I will try not to be tantalized by the fact that from where I stand I can practically see a magical land where my weight starts with a one instead of a two.

Oh look, they have unicorns there.

Actually I did have two things happen to me this week that are each excellent in their own way, but not scale tied. The first is my workout gear.

I had issues.

Now I know I’ve mentioned before that my work out shirts are generally cheap cotton t-shirts. I like them because I can sweat like crazy in them and toss them in the wash. When they reach a point where the sweat stains won’t come out any more and the cloth is looking disreputable or god forbid a small hole appears and the collective voice of every older female relative I have in my head starts to feel shame that THIS garment is what I could be wearing when I am found dead in a ditch, I can relegate the shirts to the status of first gardening clothes, then cleaning rags. I can then pick up a fresh pack relatively inexpensively and start the destruction process over.

The same does not hold true to sports bras and yoga pants/workout leggings. Those I have to buy seperately.

As you may recall from last week’s error post where my scale’s batteries died, I posted my measurements instead. As the numbers indicate, I am losing weight all over instead of in one spot. While I know this is a good thing, it also means I don’t drop sizes very quickly. Oddly it does mean that the legs of my pants get longer and the hem lines of my skirts get longer.

Seriously, my skirts look like the teachers who used to measure my skirts for appropriate length back in the day cast some sort of wicked spell to make my hem line gradually descend. At least that is my working theory.

With jeans the solution is rather easy, I just add a cuff. With workout gear this has a limited feasibility. my pants were long enough that I had to cuff them this week. I don’t suggest trying this.

The materials are so tight that I almost cut off circulation to my feet. Actually, there is no almost about it. I pulled the material meant to taper down to my ankle up in an effort to deal with the extra material and a little while later I noticed my feet felt like they were going to sleep.

Yes at first I thought I contracted some horrible disease previously unheard of by modern man. I had flashes of Mimsy-itus being listed in medical journals and studied by future students.

Then I realized I cut off my own circulation and fixed my pants. Instead of cuffing I went with the ruffled calve look. I like to think it was reminiscent of leg warmers, but I’m sure it just looked like I had the wrong sized pants and tried to make do.

Which was more or less the case.

Fear not, though my droopy pants were pressed into service for the remainder of the week, saturday shopping is just around the corner. As is the donation bin for any clothes that aren’t showing too much wear, but no longer fit. Post extra long wash, of course.

The second thing that happened this week to let me know I was shrinking my body size without the use of the scale is that I took a bath.

Okay, I can feel several of you frowning through your computer screens, let me explain.

I do shower on a daily (sometimes twice depending on the workout schedule) basis. But I live in a house that was built in the post-war construction boom. It was built in 1948 to be exact. while it has been renovated over the years, no one was going to tackle replacing that tub. It is metal, it is heavy, and it is not the most spacious of baths. It is not a soaking tub or a lounging tub. It is a standard sized tub/shower combo.

And until this week, I only used the shower when bathing.

When doing my end of the year clean out, I found a bath bomb in the back of my drawer that had been rolling around for a while. (I think it was part of a christmas present last year.) I looked at it and decided to try to use it. I actually managed to fit comfortably in the tub. I know that doesn’t sound like much to a lot of people, but I love taking baths and previously, I did not fit comfortably in this one.

Now being able to fit in the tub and enjoy it is the return of one of my former pleasures. It was a little something I let go as my weight went up and I didn’t even realize how much I missed it. I know a lot of people talk about motivation for losing weight and they mention health concerns or personal appearance concerns or they want to climb mountains or run marathons. While I wouldn’t mind running a marathon, and have actually started incorporating running into my routine because of it, being able to comfortably take a bath means so much more to me.

And now I am saddened that the one little bath bomb wa all of the bathing accoutrements I had in the house. So when I pick up new workout pants I will be looking at bath salts and bubble bath. Maybe I’ll even pick up a new rubber ducky. Admittedly my black pirate rubber duck is hard to beat.

You know, I think I still have him tucked away in a closet somewhere.

Don’t worry Pirate Ducky, Mimsy is coming, I will free you from your closet storage captors and you will sail once more!

But before I begin my efforts to return pirate Ducky to the high seas, the stats.

Starting Weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s weight (or my weight before the error message flashed): 206.2 lbs

Current Weight: 205.6 lbs

Wright lost this week(-ish): 0.6 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 40.4 lbs

Weight still left to lose (apx.): 82.6 lbs

So I am off to face my storage and free Pirate Ducky and then I will be going shopping for new workout pants and all sorts of bathing goodies. Fun for me. well not so much the storage shake down, but wallowing in the scents and delights of bath time stuff, oh yeah, I’m gonna enjoy that. I’ll check back in with you for my afternoon face mask, till then, have a great Friday!

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