Flaminglow Review

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned a time or two, I have a lot of hair, and it is on the thick side. I actually really need to get it cut again. I tend to tie it up when I’m working out and then forget how long it is. It used to only be a problem in the summer when I tied it up to keep from sweating to death but apparently the gym knows no season. (trust me, I’ve tried to argue for a winter break but the gym has the scale on it’s side and it was two against one so winter ponytails it is.)

So when I take my hair down and actually do stuff with it I like to to look nice. So I have been trying out a variety of products. While I really like FoxyBae’s heat protectant spray, and tend to use the travel Foxybae fat iron to keep my bangs from going wonky.

the travel iron is perfect for straightening bangs in the morning

It is a great tool, but given it’s size I can only really use it to curl the ends and deal with my bangs. if I tried using it on the rest of my hair it would take forever. It is however a life saver with my bangs. It heats up quickly and is the perfect size for them. I can live without having to straighten the rest of my hair, but when bangs go bad, there is no reprieve. This keeps them from going bad at least until the wind takes them. Plus I like the marbled effect and compact size.

But that was not the point, the point was the Flaminglow Leave in conditioner. The spray is a mist. it is not a super fine mist and occasionally you will get a few splotty splashes, but over all it works really well. The nozzle also doesn’t get sticky and clog, or at least it hasn’t in the past month I’ve been using it. the bottle feels comfortable in the hand as well. Surprisingly a lot of spray bottles don’t take that into account. Not to get all three bears about it but some are too thin and some to thick to fit comfortably in the hand.

This is especially important with a leave in conditioner and thick hair. To apply the conditioner I flip my head upside down and give a light spray to the underside of my hair and then flip my head up to give the top a light spray, then I use my fingers to comb through the hair and distribute it throughout. So having a bottle fit comfortable in the hand helps through the manouvering.

But what does the product do according to the website? well…

So little time, so many hair problems to solve! If only there’s a product that can fix most of them… oh wait, it’s this! The Flaminglow Leave In Conditioner is the answer to all your prayers, it can detangle your hair, tame frizz and moisturize your lovely locks all at the same time! What’s better is that it has biotin in it that helps your hair grow faster and stronger. Don’t worry because we got you, all you have to do is be-leave!!!

I use this conditioner when my hair is wet right after a shower. I towel dry it enough to keep from flinging water everywhere but that is about it. Using my fingers I can actually feel my hair tangling less as I run my fingers through it to distribute the product. Sometimes with other products my fingers snag and I have to work out tangles. This was not a problem with the Flaminglow. The detangling nature of the spray works really well and my fingers didn’t catch. it meant I was pulling out less hair when I worked.

Hair was left to dry naturally then combed through with no problems

I really like leaving my hair to dry naturally when I can as I don’t like to put excess heat on it. In these pictures I applied the conditioner and then let it dry. I then used a fine toothed comb to comb it out. There is no other styling done. there were no snags with the comb, no tangles and my hair has a nice healthy shine to it. Because I couldn’t photograph the back of my head without assistance I had my darling dearest assist me with the camera. Because he insisted, I added the sun glasses so he could get the full Cousin It effect. It was my thanks for him taking the photos, in case you were wondering.

My darling dearest could not resist adding sunglasses when I asked him to help take the pic. Yup, that’s still the back of my head.

The scent of this product is slightly sweet, like a candy with vanilla somewhere in it’s blending. I can’t identify the candy, but it is a light pleasant scent that is not overpowering. It fades to almost nothing as the hair dries. The conditioner is not heavy and it left my hair incredibly soft. When I did style my hair the conditioner worked well with the heat protector and didn’t feel at all greasy or heavy. There was no battle of the products. I have to say I also like the price. The full sized bottle is $18.95 and I have used it after every hair wash for the past month and I am only a quarter of the way through the bottle. I amy have to set it aside to try out different products, but I will be returning to this one. it is a good price for a great product.

For those interested there is a promotion currently running (Exclusive Mother’s Day Offer! Take 60% Off Sitewide. Use Code: FOXYMOM) It isn’t my code, it is just a sale they are running. If you have tangling issues, this is a product you might want to look into.


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