A Sweet Treat with the Friday Face Mask

After this week, a nice relaxing face mask was just what the doctor ordered.  Given the mudslide in the street earlier this week, I have to say clay based masks temporarily lost their appeal.  Admittedly it is mostly red clay covering the yard. Regardless I decided to go for something different and pulled the Hey Honey Sweet Treat Wild Berry and Honey Recovery Mask (retail  full size $48).

The claims of this mask are short and sweet…

Rich antioxidant restorative treatment reviving dull and tired looking skin.

Mask deployed!

That’s it. 

I have to say that from the moment the mask is squeezed into the hand it smells exactly like a strawberry yogurt smoothie.  It does not taste like it though, so don’t eat it.  And yes I tried it. It doesn’t taste like it smells.

The scent is fresh and sweet but not a sticky sort of sweet. It’s a fresh sort of sweet. In applying it to the skin I noticed there were some lack dots in the mix.  I thought they might be seeds but when pressed they burst and smear so there is nothing hard or exfoliating about them. I looked through the ingredient list which is posted on the site.  I didn’t see anything that could account for the black bits but I did see my new friend squalene lurking in the ingredients. After my recent turn with the Squalane infused face cream, I was happy to see its return.

The mask went on smoothly and I felt a little bit of a tingly sensation.  I know that isn’t really important but It makes me feel like the mask is doing something.  While I waited with the mask on, I added the Bite Lip mask to my lips, then lit a few candles and lay back with my eyes closed for a little while.  Luckily this time no one came knocking on my door and for fifteen minutes at least, no disasters struck. 

mask starting to absorb even at the outset. Yes I know this pic makes it look like I was plotting evil. although I don’t see why contemplating creating your own volcanic lava surrounded lair is automatically considered evil.

It was bliss.

So then I went to wash my face.  Surprisingly much of the mask seemed to have absorbed into the skin.  I washed the remainder off and patted my face dry.  The skin on my face was soft and clean.  I felt refreshed and I am pretty certain the bags under my eyes were just a little lighter. A suitcase rather than a trunk anyway.

It was just the break I needed and I now feel better able to tackle the rest of the afternoon. Not only was this a great mask, but it was the perfect day for this mask. My tube of this mask was the sample size which, judging from the amount of product I used this time should give me about four uses per tube. Which means I have three more rounds with it before it runs out.  When it runs out, I think I am definitely going to add this to my standard mask rotation.

Well, break time is over for me and I have heaps to do before I can jump into the weekend so this is where I’ll leave you.  With Valentine’s day coming up there are a whole bunch of sales going on.  I’ll post a few coupons that have come my way below for those of you seeking to do some shopping, either for yourself or someone you love.  Even though it isn’t technically a valentine’s day sale, I took advantage of the Dr. Squatch Winter sale (posted below) to get something for my baby.  He adores their citrus and cedar soap (non-sale retail $7). 

Cedar Citrus

A refreshing and energizing blend of rustic cedar and zesty orange oils. [More]

Price: $7.00

I get it for him and then he tells me he doesn’t need it but will use it because I bought it.  Then when he gets low he starts sniffing every package that comes in to see if it’s a replacement.  Then I order new soap and he again tells me it’s unnecessary.  It is the circle of life. At least at our house. I’m sure you have similar routines with those you love. Have a great weekend everyone.

Winter Hair Care Subscription Sale at DrSquatch.com! Save 40% off Regular Price 1st Month of Hair Care Subscription With Code SUB40, Plus Free Hat, and Free Shipping! Valid 2/21-3/1. Shop Now!

VALENTINE’S SPECIAL OFFER: Spend $100, Get $20 off your purchase. Use code: SWEET20

complimentary 2-day shipping + your choice of travel body duo 1oz essential with orders $100+ use code: MGESSENTIAL2STEP

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