Palette of the Week: Celestial Thunder

Celestial Thunder by Dominique Cosmetics was one of those eyeshadow palettes that came to me via subscription box.  I believe this one was a Boxy Charm (November maybe). I’ll admit, the palette came in and I swatched it, oohed and ahhed over the colors and then set it aside.  I don’t think I actually used it when it came in.  I may have, but it probably wasn’t more than once and I really don’t remember it. 

So when I pulled this palette out of the drawer this past week, it was a completely more or less, new experience.  I will say the colors are vibrant.  They are highly pigmented and they go on the eye well, blending easily. I will also say that the colors don’t tend to last the day.  The bright pinks and oranges fade and muddy, and the sparkly purple-ly black color (Black Matter), which was my favorite in the lot, tends to migrate down and in to the nose and under eye area making me at least look like I might have taken a bit of a punch to the face sometime earlier. 

It was not an attractive look. 

I think one of the reasons that this palette didn’t get immediate use from me though is that despite it being a very pretty palette, these aren’t colors I gravitate towards.  Or if they do appeal, I have the colors in a different palette and in a formula that doesn’t disappear before I’m done with my day. 

I am just never going to reach for that Lucid Dream Pink or that Mystic Ice Teal. They are pretty colors but I know I won’t use them.  I gave the palette a shot to try it out, but in truth after the first day of wearing them, I decided I wasn’t going to keep the palette. Knowing this I decided not to abuse it any more and keep it as clean as possible (I’ll cleanse it before I pass it on, but I want it to look its best instead of well used).  I have a friend who adores the colors in the palette and I will be wiping it down and passing it to her.  Hopefully she will get more use out of it.  This is one palette that is not staying in my shadow drawer.

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