BoxyCharm Premium February 2020

February Premium BoxyCharm Box 2020

I’ll admit, I was very excited for this month’s box. Every spoiler I saw looked interesting and while I knew what my one choice was, I like a bit of the mystery of not knowing exactly what will be in the the mix when it arrives. Incidentally I received version #22 of the premium box this month.

The item I chose was the Karity Picante Palette (retail $29). The colors looked like a good mix and many of them looked like ones I would use. Some of them liked like they would challenge me to use them because they were a little out of my comfort zone but not so far out that I wouldn’t be willing to try. while they look good in the picture they are absolutely stunning in real life. I look forward to foing a full review on this palette.

The second item I pulled out of this month’s box was the Korres Body Butter in the scent fig (retail $32). Everyone knows I adore Korres products. They are actually the very first non drug store skin care product line I tried. They have been around since 1996 and I think I made my first purchase from them in 1997. So I have a soft spot for them in general. I also love figs. When we moved into this house the first thing I planted in my garden was a fig tree. Although ‘tree’ was sort of optimistic at that point in time. It is getting there though. This year it was finally old enough that I managed to get three figs. Not the jam making explosion I crave, but a good start.

Since you know I have to sniff everything, I opened the cream and inhaled. I am pleased to say it doesn’t have the jammy sweetness I was braced for. Instead it sort of smells like the scent you get when you break a fig off the tree and sniff the newly exposed end. It smells very green with a hint f the sweetness that is contained within the fruit. I think I am really going to like using this cream. Which is a good thing as it is a really large tube of cream that will take me a while to get through.

The next item was the Watermelon Glow Recipe Ultra Fine Mist (retail $28). It is watermelon-y although not as strongly scented as their face cream and night gel. The mist is ultra fine and it is quite refreshing. I think it is more of a summertime spray than a winter one but I suppose February is technically easing us into spring. We had snow over the weekend and are now being hit with waves of cold rain that seems upset it is just slightly too warm for it to be snow so it is hard to picture spring let alone summer. I can see this being kept in the fridge and used when I come in sweaty from the garden though. Over all it seems like a good product, just slightly off on the seasonality.

In my box this month, in fact in everyone’s box I believe, was the Hourglass ambient lighting blush (retail $40). I am always looking for a good blush. I have a lot of not quite right blushes, several I can make this work blushes and a few I like it but I’m still looking for more blushes. The closest blush I have to a staple in my makeup bag is my Benefit Gold Rush. While it is a great blush it also has a bit of gold sparkle to it. I like the sparkle but I don’t want it everyday which is the only reason I am still looking. This Hourglass looks like it has potential and I am looking forward to putting it through its paces.

This month Tarte made an appearance in Boxy Charm with the double duty beauty base tape primer($30). I personally welcome Tarte’s return as their products always work well on me. I also love primers. I remember trying the base tape a while back and I remember liking it, but I cant remember too much about it. It was before I started writing reviews and if I don’t write things down I tend to forget them. So that being said I look forward to retrying it to get a feel for the product.

Finally we come to the last item in the box. It is also the most controversial. It is the Faccia Skincare 24K Gold Foil Moisturizer. There seems to be a lot of dust up about this. For a while there was no website because it is such a new brand. Then there was a website but it had contradictory information on its ingredients list and then there was an issue with the price. While Boxycharm lists its retail value on their info card as $100, in other places it was found offered for sale for just a few dollars. At the moment I am wrapping up a skin care trial and because I am so curious about all of the drama I will be bumping this up the line to try out, so I will have a full review up as soon as I’ve had a chance to give it a full and fair trial. I find it interesting to see what people say about a product, but the truth is in how it performs on my skin, at least for me. so I’ll reserve judgement until then.

That was this month’s premium box and I have to say over all I am very pleased with it. All are interesting products I may nit have picked up on my own but enjoy and will look forward to trying out. The total retail value of this box ended up being $259, and yes that is with using the $100 cream from Faccia in the tally. It is not a bad return on a $35 box and over all I am happy with what I recieved. Even with the controversy regarding the face cream I am happy with the other products and the value they provide. I also have to say this month was better than January’s box as well.

And aren’t we all striving to get better?

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