Water, Baby

Starting the 30 day water challenge. Will consuming the recommended amount of water each day affect my weight loss?

Everyone knows that water is good for you.  Everyone suspects that they don’t drink enough.  As I’ve started dieting I realized that water was a big element in my daily regime.  Not only does it replace fluids I sweat out when working out but it keeps me from drinking more caloric beverages and thus undoing my calorie burning workout. I actually wrote one of my Weight loss Regime survival tips about it a while back. While you can read the tip HERE, I’ll break down the basic concept.  

In order to encourage myself to drink more water,  I refill a smaller glass more often so that it only looks like I am requiring myself to drink a little bit. Yes, it is tricksy and there is a bit of mockery involved in getting myself to finish the small glass.

But am I really drinking as much water as I should? And why is it important?

So I decided to look into it.

First of all why is water important?

Well it hydrates the skin from the inside, backing up your moisturizer’s effects to promote healthier skin. It flushes toxins out of your system and it acts as an internal transportation system for the nutrients making it easier for them to get where they need to go.  According to various sites (and my doctor) keeping hydrated is a good way to help promote a healthy weight loss.

And I am all about a healthy weight loss.

But how much is enough?

Nearly every site I’ve checked and everyone with any degree of authority I’ve consulted, suggested the eight by eight rule which is eight, eight ounce glasses of water per day. Several advocated ten eight ounce glasses instead of eight if you are trying to lose weight and doing a lot of exercise.

How much am I currently consuming in a day?

The truth is, I don’t know. I drink water and refill my glass when it is empty, but I tend to lose track.  So I decided to set up a system.  Remember that small glass I told you about?  The one I use to convince myself that it is only a little water I need to drink? Well if I fill it to the bottom of the blue rim then it holds exactly eight ounces. It is literally one cup.

My refillable 8 ounce glass. (and yes my mouse pad is upside down.)

The problem is, I can’t remember how many times I refilled it.

So I decided to see how well I fared drinking the recommended amount. If I could drink it all with no problems then i was golden. If not then I wasn’t.

Enter my three current favorite water bottles. The first is the soda stream bottle.  I fill it to the line and then carbonate it in the machine.  Sometimes I add a little lemon or lime juice to flavor it when I need something beyond plain water. I then dispense it from the bottle into my glass. 

Easy Peasy.

In addition to using the small glass, I find that the carbonation helps me drink more water as well. I tend to use it to fill up the other bottles so that all my water bottles have carbonated water. 

The glass bottle with the gray banding is a SubZero water bottle. I especially like using this one on the treadmill as the cork like cap is easily removed and set aside so I don’t have to think about it when I reach for the water.  It is just open and there. The gray striping is rubberized so it doesn’t slip and I can peel it off and put the water bottle in the sterilized setting of my dishwasher without any sort of issues.  The bottle is actually several years old and still looks great and has never acquired any of the off smells that older water bottles get because of the glass.

The purple metal water bottle is from Contigo.  It is insulated and I find that when I put carbonated water in it, the insulation keeps it cold and refreshing despite the temperatures.  When I work outside, this is my constant companion.  Also because it is metal, I don’t worry about it breaking as much. I’ve replaced it several times in the past because the plastic interior tends to get old and give and off flavor to the water. 

Also there was an incident with the shovel last year in which I lost track of the bottle and it rolled into the hole I was digging. With the carbonation the water shot out like a fountain when the side was pierced and I had to get a replacement. 

I nearly had a heart attack thinking it was a water line.

It provided much amusement for the neighbors, though.

The Soda Stream bottle holds three and a half cups of water.  The subzero holds two and a half and the Contigo holds exactly three. That means my three bottles hold nine glasses of water in total. So since some recommend eight and others ten, I decided for convenience sake to split the difference and stick with nine glasses of water consumed as a goal.

I started with the Sub Zero bottle and was pleased at how quickly I emptied it.  I don’t know if it is because it is tall and thin or because the clear glass let me see the water level drop, but it was easy to consume.  I expect it was because it was the first bottle I attempted to take down.

I went for the Contigo next. While I love the bottle for working in the garden, when my shovel doesn’t puncture it, the attached cap is somewhat cumbersome at the desk and while I appreciated the cool bubbly water, I think I drank it faster because I wanted to get it out of the way. The attributes that made me purchase it in the first place, and use it routinely, weren’t helpful here.    

But it did hold three cups of water and I did drink them.

This just left my regular Soda Stream bottle to get through. Despite only being a half a cup more, it took a lot longer to empty. Because by now I was sort of sloshing. But in the end, I triumphed and made it to the bottom of the bottle.

Given that it was an effort, a bigger effort than I thought it would be actually, I don’t think that I actually drink enough water in the day to meet the recommended dosage.

And while I did prove I could drink all nine glasses, one day of consuming nine glasses of water, doesn’t really say much.  I can do it sure, but there is no way to see the effect.  So I am going to do a thirty day challenge with this.  Tomorrow morning is my Weekly Weigh in and I will add my basic measurements to that post to serve as the starting point of record. 

At this point in my diet I have figured out how my body works with my daily routine so I’ll be taking notes along the way to see what changes when I keep track of the water and consume the appropriate amount each day.

Will this much water do what everyone believes it will do?

Will it make any difference at all in my efforts to lose weight?

Who knows, but I’ll be keeping a water diary and checking in weekly during my thirty day trial, so stay tuned.

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