Hit or Miss with New Day Hair Mist from Playa

Playa New Day Hair Mist

I have to say I was very intrigued to try this when it came in my IPSY box.  As last month was not terribly exciting, it was certainly a stand out.  The Playa New Day Hair Mist is not quite like a dry shampoo.  In fact It’s not really like any other product I have tried So we’ll start with their product description.

According to the Playa product page…

New Day Mist is a 3-in-1 reboot for tired hair: One part hairspray, one part hydrator, and one part fragrance. The fine mist works to smooth out dents and creases—we call it a wrinkle releaser for the hair—allowing you to reset your style without washing, hot tools, or harsh chemicals. Consider it the easiest way to get an extra day out of your style.

Interesting, no?

As I am always looking for ways to extend my hairstyle so I don’t over wash it, this seemed like it was right up my alley.  

The first thing you need to know is that it comes with two caps.  I know that sounds strange to say but I was at first confused.  I took off the first cap and it wouldn’t spray.  I thought it was defective until I realized there was a second cap underneath.  Perhaps you are smarter than me and it wouldn’t phase you, but It took me a second, and then I felt a little silly.

The mist comes out in a very fine spray.  Even though it is a pump it is the type of spray I associate with an aerosol, although manually produced through the pumping action.  I liked the spray.

I did not like the scent.

And as that is touted as one of the three main reason for this product to exist, that’s not a good thing.  To me it has the cloying scent of dying flowers mixed with baby powder.  To be honest it makes me think of sitting between two elderly ladies at a funeral. Not exactly the scent I want to carry around in my hair.

But I can put up with a lot if the product is good.

I will say that it did smooth out the flyaways but didn’t do much for the marks of my ponytail holder. It made them a little less noticeable maybe. So as a wrinkle releaser for hair it was marginally effective. But then again, I have several spray in conditioners that do more or less the same thing.  The FoxyBae Flaminglow is particularly effective in this regard.  And it smells a lot better.

As any sort of hairspray, it was an utter failure.  It wasn’t holding anything in place. I don’t know if my hair is simply too heavy for this product to be effective or if it just doesn’t work.  Normally I would add before and after photos but to be honest, it did nothing really noticeable and so the pictures are rather pointless. The only thing it really seemed to do was to make me think of old ladies and funerals. 

I really like to see the potential in products, but as excited as I was to try this out. I have to conclude it is just not for me.

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