Weekly Weight: 203.2 lbs

March 6, 2020

My apologies for the fuzzy photo. I took it before I had my contacts in and as without them I can’t actually see anything but a gray square with a darker splodge where the numbers are I thought it might be in focus. Well actually I pressed the button and hoped for the best before toddling off to replace my contacts and go on a mass search for my actual glasses. while there are reading glasses stashed around the house my actual glasses went into hiding. I knew I should have looked for them before bed, but I was too tired to bother.

Hence the fuzzy photo.

I’ll be back in focus later today.

This was an interesting week. We had rains leading to floods, and the occasional power outage. North of us there were tornadoes leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake and the news has been filled with stories of plague, or at least the coronavirus.

when I went to get my mail earlier in the week I ran into a neighbor I only see occasionally and whose name I never bothered to learn. I mentioned casually in a joking sort of way that if I heard reports of locusts, flies and boils I was going to hunker down in my basement.

Not that I actually have a basement, more of a crawl space, but that is irrelevant.

I meant it as a sort of joke. A bad one, to be sure, but a joke.

It turns out my neighbor is a Doomsday prepper.

So I got a twenty minute pep talk on how to brace myself for the end of times and ever since he makes a point of stopping to talk to me when I see him instead of waving from afar and going about his business.

So I guess I made a new friend.

Of course now I have to figure out what his name is without actually asking him, because it seems strange that I don’t actually know it.

Fun stuff.

My darling dearest was unsympathetic. He says that’s what I get for talking to strangers. He’s also flipping through the catalog the neighbor left the other day, you know, to help us get started. My baby doll makes his own beer and mead and I think he is comparing prices on some of the equipment he things might be useful in his brewing endeavors. He also has a strange love of freeze dried food to stash in his car’s trunk for winter which I chalk up to a childhood spent in Montana.

But worries aside, I am please with my slow but steady progress this week. There were a couple of days I simply didn’t get to workout because the world at large conspired against me. So even though I didn’t make my one pound goal, I am still moving forward.

I also think I might be edging into a weight loss plateau. It’s happened before where what I’m doing keeps me in a steady place instead of helping me forward. As next week looks to be quiet, I should know at the end of it if I need to shake things up a bit in order to move forward.

For now I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping there are no reports of locust, flies or boils featured on the nightly news.

So the stats:

Starting weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s weight: 203.8 lbs

This week’s weight: 203.2 lbs

This week’s loss: 0.6 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 42.8 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx): 80.2 lbs

And so we move forward. I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday. I’ll see you later this afternoon for the Friday Face Mask.

Oh and the final shameless self promotion moment of the week, the Annual Smashwords Read an E-book Week Book sale ends at midnight on March 7th. My books are 50% off with some of them even being free. There are also many wonderful authors you might want to check out on the Main Smashwords Page if your looking for your next great read. Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Weight: 203.2 lbs

  1. Thanks I’m thinking that if if all else fails I can write a book called weight loss in the time of the apocalypse. You know, in case those locusts start appearing. Have a good weekend.


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