Boxyluxe Review March 2020

The Boxyluxe Box for march 20202

It is time to talk about Boxycharm.  March was, as you might know already, a Boxyluxe month.  For March instead of a $25 box, if you are a Boxyluxe member you are charged $50 and get a box containing seven to eight full sized items. I’m going to be honest, this month I had some rather mixed feelings.

Those mixed feelings started well before I actually got my box actually. When the time for choice came around, I eagerly logged into the Boxycharm site.  I knew that Tarte Tarteist Pro Remix was one of my options and as I adore Tarte’s eyeshadows I wanted to make sure I got signed up to receive it.  I did.

Just the box because the shattered shadows were everywhere.

However during luxe months you get to choose two options.  Your options for your second item varied depending on what you chose for your first item. For my second choice I could choose between large rhinestone covered hoop earrings I knew I wasn’t going to ever wear or a set of gold colored stainless steel straws.

Yup that’s right, I said straws. Sadly I decided it was the better of the two options and I figured I could put them in my bag of Christmas stocking stuffers if nothing else. Regardless it was not an inspiring choice and left me feeling a bit flat.  Still I was looking forward to other items.

The first item I was looking forward to was the Tarteist Pro Remix palette(retail $49).  Like I said I love the formula on Tarte eyeshadows. Unfortunately, a couple of the shadows were broken in transit. It was a sad thing to open.

I was also looking forward to the NARS powermatte lip pigment (retail $25) as the NARS formula is one of my favorites as far as liquid lipsticks go.  It is comfortable to wear and very long lasting.  One of my favorite everyday lipsticks is the NARS liquid lip in the shade Paradise Garage so I was thrilled to receive another shade to try. The box listed the NARS powermatte lip pigment as being in the box, however it was not inside. 

I checked.  Twice.

So I sent an e-mail to Boxycharm and they are sending out a new Eyeshadow Palette and a NARS lipstick.  So I will get the two things I was really excited to receive, it will just be a little later in the month.

the PMD cleansing wand

The third item in this month’s box that I was super excited for was the PMD Beauty Smart Facial Cleansing Device (retail $99).  It arrived and had no problems in transit.  It even came with a battery so I didn’t have to hunt one down, which I really appreciate.  In the past I used a different vibrating cleanser and I really liked it.  I used it for a really long time actually until sadly, it could be used no more.  I never got around to replacing it.  I wasted no time in putting the PMD to good use and I really like it.  The handle makes it super easy to grip with slick hands, it has several setting s and a little protective plastic stand to keep it upright.  It is clearly the star of this month’s box and I will get a lot of use out of it.

Despite the shadow breakage of the Tarte Palette, the Boxycharm Hello Charmer palette (retail $39) in my box arrived intact and I have to say I am really loving the shades.  They are a beautiful range of colors that I am really looking forward to playing with.

I was less enthused by the nail polish duo from Deborah Lippman (retail $19)that was included in my box.  Not only are they smaller than the average bottle of nail polish, they aren’t in colors I particularly care for.  While one looks to be a pastel pink in the bottle and the other a red, in reality the pink is a hot pink and the red is a pink.  I tried applying them anyway thinking I could add a coat of glitter or something to work with the hot pink, and they didn’t really apply well either so I think I will be passing them on to a friend.  She has an eight year old daughter who will get far more enjoyment out of them than I will.

I was much happier when I saw the two small jars from Sol De Janerio in the box (retail $15).  One was the Traditional Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and the other was the Coco Cabana Cream.  I use the Bum Bum Cream on the stretch marks on my stomach to help tighten the skin as my weight goes down.  I’ve been using it for about a month now and really notice a change.  So I was happy to receive the cream in any size. I’m pretty sure the small jar will be empty very quickly.  I had not tried the Coco Cabana Cream before and I have to say the scent is less appealing to me than the scent of the Bum Bum Cream.  As the scent is the only thing that is different about it, I will still use it, but it won’t be re-purchased like the Bum Bum Cream will. My only issue with this is that the two jars look like deluxe sized samples and BoxyCharm is supposed to provide only full sized products.  While this happens to be a product I love and will use in any size I can get my hands on, I would have preferred one full sized jar to what appears to be two deluxe samples.

In my Boxycharm this month was also the Becca Skin Love Glow Glaze Stick (retail $28). It is an ultra-sheer translucent highlighter.   It is a very subtle highlighter as opposed to the other two highlighters that came in the Boxy Premium this month.  It is the kind of highlighter you can easily wear with a more natural look to just give you a hint of a glow.  Or at least that is how it is marketed.  I tried it on my hand, but haven’t worn it yet.  I can now safely say I am well stocked on highlighters.

not sure if the glow stick will look glow-y or just greasy on the face

The final item in my box is of course the gold colored stainless steel straws from Bombshell Baker (retail $21) which for now I will be leaving in the packaging.  I suspect they will end up in someone’s Christmas stocking come December.

So the end tally is one product, the straws that kind of annoyed me to get, a nail polish duo I’m giving away, a nice shadow palette and an excellent cleansing wand.  I’m waiting on a replacement for a shadow palette and a missing lipstick, received two small jars of very excellent body lotion and my third highlighter of the month. Like I said at the beginning, it’s a mixed bag.  The items I like, I really like, the items I don’t, I really don’t and there are a couple okay items in the middle. But at least I get to look forward to replacement products arriving later in the month.  As those are the ones I was excited about in the first place, once the initial disappointment fades, it is actually something to look forward to.  While it was still a decent box, I have had better from BoxyCharm. It feels almost like they were so excited about the Fenty Premium box that they let a couple of things slide for Boxyluxe.  As it is a $50 box, I kind of expected better. The final total is $295 for a $50 box.  So while they did clear their $250 goal for product value, I still have mixed feelings about the box this month.

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