BoxyCharm Premium April 2020 Review

BoxyCharm premium is a $35 per month beauty subscription box offered by (unsurprisingly) BoxyCharm. Inside the box each month are six full sized beauty items. This month was a pretty good month for me. It was heavily weighted towards self care (be it skin or hair) than it was makeup which was a bit surprising as I tend to think of BoxyCharm as makeup heavy. Oddly enough despite the multitude of eyeshadow palettes available in their selections this month, neither my regular BoxyCharm nor my Premium this month had an eyeshadow palette. While I don’t mind, as nearly every box I’ve ever received from Boxy has had some form of eyeshadow in it, it was just surprising.

Perhaps the adjustment was because of my choice. Each month you are allowed to choose one item that you want in your box from a limited selection of items (usually 2 or three options are presented). The option I chose was the Kopari Coconut Face cream (retail $38). I chose it because I liked their toner and thought the face cream would be interesting. Also in my Scentbird subscription (which has both perfumes as well as some skincare and makeup items) I added the Kopari facial cleanser to my queue. It will be a few months before it comes up but as I have other face cream I want to try out, I have no problem waiting, especially as mid summer seems like the perfect time for something coconut scented. I suspect most of my summer travels this year will be virtual instead of actual so I can theme a tropical getaway in my backyard this year. I’m sure the summer will be hot enough to suit so all I need to do is add fruity drinks with little umbrellas and a few tropical scents and I’ll be fine.

But I digress.

Surprisingly in this month’s premium box there was a second moisturizer. It was the Lavido Age Away Replenishing Cream (retail $69). I’m not mad at it actually. I received the Lavido cleansing scrub in IPSY this month so I am actually using them as a pair at the moment. (I just finished my Tatcha trial and will post that next week.) I’m actually liking the cream a lot at the moment, I just find it surprising that two moisturizers came in the same box.

The next item I pulled out of my box ths month was the Farmacy Beauty Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask (retail $38). I have yet to try anything from Farmacy that I didn’t like. Last month I was disappointed that the cherry cleanser was only in the base box (which I didn’t get because it was a Luxe month, although last month luxe itself was somewhat disappointing). I was also disappointed that even though it was offered for sale in the ad-ons this month it was sold out before I could even log on, so alas, the cherry balm was not for me. That’s okay I still have the song Cherry Bomb stuck in my head, which isn’t a bad consolation prize. And I get to try out the Honey potion this month. I’m sure everyone knows how much I love masks and I have to admit, I have been plowing through them more since the stay at home order went into effect.

Next up, I received the IGK Hair Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray (retail $32). I like IGK and I have a lot of hair I need to tame into good behavior. I also have a few weeks of cool/warm weather where I can still wear my hair down if I choose. Once the weather heats up my hair is too long and thick to be left down. I was planning to get a cut before the summer hit but didn’t quite make it to the salon. Once heat hits my hair pretty much stays bundled on top of my head until fall. So I’ll either be trying this out double quick or waiting until the return of the chill. either way I love the brand and have high hopes.

Finally we get to the first of the two makeup items in my box this month. The first is Nudestix Magnetic Lip Plush Paints (retail $28). It looks like a very pinky nude that I’m not entirely certain will work for me, but I am excited to try out the formula. Plus I’ve started keeping various lip products whose color may not be the best for me on my desk. That way I can try out the formula and only my computer monitor will judge me. As I know where the power button is located, I don’t fear that judgement all that much.

And last, but certainly not least is the Wander Beauty Mile High Club Volume and Length Mascara.(retail $26). I am always on the hunt for a good mascara. At the moment I am finishing out a couple of travel sizes that have been in my collection a little too long, and then I will be testing out this mascara. I have to say it was really hard for me to set it aside and wait to test it. I have heard such fantastic things about it. But I need to clear out some space by using up the travel sizes.

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I’m being good. I don’t want to be, but I am.which will just make it more fabulous when I am done being good. At least that’s the hope anyway. Then I’ll get to celebrate extra space from the clear out, a feeling of virtuosity and a new fabulous mascara.

Yeah, I’m betting I crack and try it out before the week is over too. I’m just not that good at being good.

But I am trying.

So that was my BoxyCharm Premium this month. The total value of my $35 box came to $231. While I was somewhat surprised by the fact that I received two moisturizers, I am over all pleased with my box. I have no idea why the tag for this box is festival vibes as absolutely nothing in this looked even remotely festival themed. Even the plush paint lipstick is a very muted color. And that was the only color in the box. Nevertheless, everything in it is something I will use. For me, that increases its value, theme appropriate or not. While I love skin care, I am hoping that next month is a little more makeup heavy to balance out this month, but still, I’m very pleased by BoxyCharm Premium.

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