The Enlighten Palette by IBY: A Review

The IBY Enlighten Palette

I have to start off by saying I am not a pastels sort of person.  In most things, I tend to prefer my colors saturated.  I know that sounds strange because I often lean into neutrals where eyeshadows are concerned, but I also favor bold lips so I try to balance.

For me pastels always remind me of Easter and the annual fight with my mother over the Easter church dress. She insisted it feature pastel colors, I protested.  She insisted it was one day out of the year, I wore it to church and refused to put it on again ever after. Luckily, she had a friend who owned a consignment shop so I was dressed for church, told to behave and then as soon as we returned from church the dress was removed, laundered and taken over to Annie.

It was a system that persisted for years.  

In the end, I accepted the once a year pastels and my mom delighted in the fact that one day out of the year she got to choose my outfit. I should point out, she is a big pastel loving person.

Swatches from the top two rows, moving left to right

While I am no longer as adamantly anti-pastel as I once was, yes I even have a light pink sweat shirt in my closet (gasp), they still aren’t something I gravitate towards. So I can’t say I was thrilled when this IBY palette appeared in my IPSY box this April.  Still, it was Easter, the time even I have to admit pastels dominate. I can’t recall trying any IBY shadows before so I was interested in doing so and that was what got me to try the palette in the first place.

Swatches from the bottom two rows left to right and starting with the interior row

I have to say I do like the formula of the shadows, it is soft and buttery and while I did have to tap off the brush after dipping into the pan (which is why some of the swatches look a little powdery), there was surprisingly little fall out once it was applied.  The colors are in general on the lighter side of things (um, pastels, right?) but they are fairly buildable considering pastels will only get to a certain color density in general. 

The only one I had problems with was the green glittery shade called Wealth.  It is in the far left hand corner of the palette, the names are written in dark silver on a lighter silver background so they can be a little hard to read.

Wealth did not want to stay in place.  I’m not certain if that is meant to be a social commentary, but it is the truth of the shadow at least. 

It applied well but even a few hours later I noticed my cheeks and nose were starting to sparkle. It was the only shade where I had issues with migration.  It is also the only real glitter shade.  Almost all of the shadows are shimmers.  The white and two browns in the top row (Moonstone, Mud Bath and Vortex) are matte shades.  I think the very pink shade at the bottom right (Dragon Fruit) is supposed to be matte, but I found it had a little bit of a shimmer to it when applied. 

While it was fun to play with, I generally found I wanted some more colored mattes to pair with them. I ended up using this palette in conjunction with the Cargo Tokyo in Bloom Palette.  It is my one spring like palette and I found their mattes really worked well with the IBY shimmers. I’m not sure if the Cargo palette is still available, but I’m betting you could pair these shimmers with any neutrally mattes and they would work well, they just need a background against which to shine.

The mattes from the Cargo Tokyo in Bloom palette really worked well with the IBY Enlighten

In general I found I enjoyed this palette far more than I thought I would.  There is enough variation in the shades to create different looks, the formula is soft and buttery and with one notable exception, the shadows stay put where you place them and they last all day. 

I didn’t have a problem with patchiness at all.  In the end it was fun to be forced out of my comfort zone and it is nice to have something bright in a non-festival kind of way, in my collection.  While it may not end up being an everyday palette for me, I will certainly be using it for the spring and then possibly using it to brighten some of my darker looks throughout the summer. I suspect it is going to be a palette I keep around specifically to supplement other palettes. 

Or if I end up needing to wear a pastel Easter dress again.

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