Weight Loss Regime Survival Tip # 47: Nails

A selection from the stash in my drawer of Nail polishes

Like most everyone these days, my baby and I have been sticking close to home.  While we are both still working during the day, albeit in different parts of the house, and finding chores to do around the house on weekends, our evenings have predominantly turned into movie nights.

While there are all sorts of streaming sites from Netflix to the free site that our local library hosts, we also have a load of DVDs in our own personal library.  We have been going through old black and white horror movies and forgotten favorites as well as newer releases.  Two I can highly recommend (if you haven’t seen them) are The Imposters with Oliver Platt and Stanley Tucci and Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russell. They are both very much worth watching and among my all time favorites. I think The Imposters might be on VUDU, I’m sure Auntie Mame is in several locations. Just look for the one with the delightful Ms. Russell, in my opinion it is light years better than the remake with Lucille Ball. Admittedly I may not be in the majority with that opinion, so feel free to disagree.This weekend, we are starting in on the Wonder Woman box set I got for Christmas and hadn’t gotten around to watching yet.

I’m certain I will be singing the theme song in my head for days to come.

It is quiet and nice and something we can do in pajama pants. Plus the good comedy and bad horror are a nice break from reality before we toddle off to bed.

It helps cut down on the stress related nightmares. (Who would have thought that was Bella Lugosi and Robert Englund’s strong suit?)

The problem is the snacks. Something about television or movies and snacking just go hand in hand.  I’m pretty sure it started when the movie theaters started showing dancing concession snacks and drinks at the beginning of films, long, long ago. You know before I was born and dinosours walked the earth and attended drive-ins. It continued through the theaters and migrated to television. While I am doing pretty good monitoring my calories, one night of snacking can easily torpedo my entire plan.

My solution is to do something with my hands so I don’t snack. Or at least limit how much I can snack. 

I’d like to tell you I knit or crochet or something productive.  I really would.  But the truth is my hands cramp up after a few minutes of knitting, making me feel like I have earned a treat, thus actually promoting snacking, and despite the effort my grandmother took to teach me, my crocheting is horrible. 

It’s not like I was ever good and then just fell out of practice. I was a crochet disaster from the start. My strength is in turning skeins of yarn into balls for others to turn into objects, not in creating them myself.   

Oddly enough I am pretty good at all of the other preliminaries.  I worked for a living history museum a long time ago. It turns out, I can sheer a sheep, card the wool, spin it on a spinning wheel and dye it using all sorts of natural dyes I cook up from plants. I’m actually really good at cooking up the dyes.  Just don’t ask me to make anything with the yarn created and we are all fine.

I am apparently the supply side not the production. At least where winter wear is concerned.

But I digress.

So given that I don’t own a spinning wheel, or any sheep for that matter, I opt for a different course.  I have been painting my nails.  Mostly I’ve been using clear gloss.  The Sally Hansen Maximum Growth has been my favorite for a while.  I alternate between painting my fingernails and my toenails.

With my hands I alternate between the clear gloss with growth proponents and color.  Monday I take off whatever got obliterated by my weekend work in the garden and apply a clear gloss.  Tuesday I paint a solid color on the toenails.  Wednesday I add a layer of color over the clear gloss and Thursday I add a glitter coat over the solid color on the toes. Friday, the fingers get some glitter.

Discounts & Sales at SallyBeauty.com!

This way I’m not killing my nails with nail polish remover every night.  I’m just adding layers.  And I have to say, I still get a rush when I paint my toenails.  For the longest time I didn’t paint them, mostly because I couldn’t reach them.  Now I can and after each coat on my toes, I wiggle them with delight.  And my baby laughs at me for it. I’ll admit as we are sitting on the couch and I wiggle my toes in the air as they dry, it is kind of funny.

The rotation of colors is also letting me clear out some of my nail polish.  I have a nail polish drawer in my dressing table and I tend to only grab the polish stashed at the front on a routine basis.  Rotating the bottles lets me use them all.  I’m also finding some that have dried up and are no longer usable. 

To these I bid a fond adieu and relinquish them from service. I’ve actually cleared out a lot of space. Also I get to see what colors I have and which I lack, so I can make a list for smart purchasing instead of saying ‘ohh pretty’.  That line is why I have several bottles of the same colors. So now I have a plan for branching out and I’ve avoided snacking.  That, in my book, is a double win.

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