Reviewing the Real Her Ultimate Glow Getter Cheek Trio

The plastic is made to look like marble

I love palettes.  I like shadow palettes where I have an array of colors to choose from and I really like face palettes. Don’t get me wrong, I am sometimes very annoyed with palettes, for example when I get a blush palette where three shades are presented but only one works on my skin I feel rather irked. Best case scenario with that is that I use one down to pan and lament the waste of the others.

The Real Her Ultimate Glow Getter cheek Trio (retail $28) is the type of palette I like.  It is essentially a compact with a blush a bronzer and a highlighter. Surprisingly, I like all three.  I heard of Real Her as a company before, but had never tried any of their products before.  I think I may have to investigate some of their others.

When it arrived, I first looked at the blush as a little too light for me.  It looked a little on the pink side. Still, I tried it and I found that it is  a light, buildable formula. It is not a super pigment where one dab with the brush puts clown circles on your cheeks for the rest of the day. (You can see in the swatches below none of the products are super pigmented but all three are buildable.) And if the blush looks a little too light, it is easy to use the bronzer to adjust it a little bit. While the highlighter is bright, it too also blends down.

one swipe with the finger

I think that might actually be the strength of this palette.  It is not meant for a full on high glamour look.  It is meant for everyday wear-ability. They are soft colors that would be appropriate for the office or running errands. Personally, this is what I like.  Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments of high glam, but for everyday looks, I like my face make-up to not be the first thing you notice about me. I don’t want to walk into a room and have someone say, ‘Wow that’s a highlight.’ I want them to say, ‘Wow you look good’.

I will admit I have been using the recent stay at home orders to go a little crazy with both eye and lip colors. Partially because it perks me up after watching too much news and partially because I have a couple of Stila liquid glitter shadows that are edging towards the end of their life span. They tend to dry out after a time once they are opened whether you use them or not, so I am trying to get as much use out of them as possible.

In doing this, I find I really like having a softer daily face so I have been using this palette a lot.  The pans have little divots on the side so I’m not sure if the pans are replaceable or not.  It looks like they ought to be, but I couldn’t easily pry them out without damaging the product so I will need to wait until at least one of them is empty to find out.  I didn’t see any replacement products offered on the site though which has me concerned. 

It would be a shame if it weren’t reusable as it is such sturdy plastic with such a nice mirror.  I will say that the white marble look of the plastic might not be the best for the interior.  As you can see, especially around the bronzer area, the product has stained the plastic. I’m sure with a disinfectant wipe I could get it clean again though. And to be honest, the pan sizes aren’t that unusual so even if Real Her doesn’t have replacement pans, I’m sure I could fit other products in and keep using the palette. Provided I can get the older pans out. 

But that is a problem for another time.  For now, I am enjoying using this palette for my general everyday looks and anticipating using it for lighter makeup looks throughout the summer. Where I live, glam looks tend to melt off the face within ten seconds of stepping outside once Mid May arrives often making the look a waste of product and time for everyday life.  That makes me doubly glad to have this in my collection.

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