Verb Manage + Restore Hydrating Mask (Hair) Review

I picked up a deluxe sample size of this mask because I’d heard good things about the company and wanted to give it a go.   While skin care requires a couple of weeks for me to tell if I like using it, most hair masks I can tell after one use if I ever want to use it again. 

Don’t get me wrong there are some products that work well out of the gate, but lose effectiveness after repeated use. I generally find it takes a few months for that cycle to run its course with my hair.

At that point I have probably already used a lot of the product, so it isn’t a big deal.  I can trade it out for something else and then come back to it after a little while and usually it works well enough at that point for me to finish out the mask, emptying the container.  Then I can decide if I want to repurchase it based on the entire run of the product. 

At least that is my usual way with most hair products.

The trick is finding a product that can effectively go through this cycle.  This is one of the many reasons I tend to pick up hair product samples. The samples tend to be relatively inexpensive (or occasionally free as a gift with purchase) and  if the product isn’t going to work for me, I can tell pretty quickly. While most will work initially, some don’t work at all and those I know to avoid.

(I should warn you I picked up several sample hair products recently and I’ve been spacing out trying them trying to come up with a list of full sizes I want to order and try for a longer trial so there may be more hair themed posts in the next few months.)

So having heard good things about the company Verb, I decided to pick up this Hydrating mask.  It seemed especially good for me at this time as I recently had a shampoo and conditioner combo I didn’t care for too much and needed to do some repair work. Plus there is the increasing time outside and in the sun, and the fact that I dyed my hair. All signs my hair might need a little TLC.

Oh and in case you look at the pics of me and think something is a little different. I finally couldn’t take it any more and whacked about four inches off my hair. It is still really long, but now I don’t feel as though I am planning to join some sort of cult. Plus it was getting to the point where it was becoming too much for my hair clips to handle and this is not the sort of weather to be wearing it down all day. And yse I was so nervous about cutting the length that I forgot to trim the bangs. That is on my upcoming to do list. So thus explains my hair.

So back to the mask. First let’s see what the claims are shall we?

A rich, restorative deep conditioning treatment designed to nourish all hair types. Use weekly to restore color treated, over-styled hair or to add shine and softness.

I will say that the fact that it was for all hair types made me question it.  Generally, I find that anything that is for general use tends to have limited benefits.  Its like they try too hard to be all things to all people and come across as mediocre. 

Not that I am the suspicious sort.

I will say, that was not a problem with this product.

It is a thick cream that you use after washing your hair.  You wash and then apply and let sit for 5-7 minutes.  For me that means I wash my hair, apply the mask, and then shave my legs and lather up with my body wash along with everything else shower related.  By the time I find I am ready to rinse off the soap and turn the water back on, my hair is ready to be rinsed.  Its an extra step (especially if you don’t want to waste water) but it is a once a week thing so the extra time isn’t too damaging.  Unless you have really damaged hair and then apparently you can use it as an extra conditioning conditioner.  My hair had issues, but it wasn’t as bad as all that so I used it once a week.

The mask has a clean and fresh salon sort of scent to it.  I know I really need to get a better term than, ‘salon scent’, but that is the smell I come away with. 

Maybe I need to get one of those old scent boxes that wine people used to use to learn the scents for wine descriptors.  Instead of herbs, berries, tobacco and leather I could get the various herbs and oils typically found in salons to determine what I think of as salon scent. That might be a fun project. 

But it is in the future.  Today we have a light salon scent that is clean smelling and doesn’t tend to linger over long.  Once you wash out your hair, there is no scent that remains.

I will say that after I washed out my hair I was surprised that it didn’t feel weighed down.  The cream is pretty thick, so I had my doubts. (I know, so suspicious) The thickness of the cream allowed it to get all through my hair and cling to the strands, but then washed free.  There was no residue left on my hair, but my hair felt soft and nourished.  It was fantastic and I really enjoyed using it. 

In these photos, All I did after my shower and mask was to let my hair dry naturally and then run a brush though it. That’s it, no other product. and when I fixed my hair later, I had no problem with manageability. There were no tangles or snarls to work out.

close up

I have to say, the sample sized tube of product I picked up was 0.67 ounces/ 19 g.  I used it once a week and had enough product for four washes. 

That gave me a month of use essentially. 

The full sized product is 6.8 ounces/195 grams and retails for $18 on the Verb site. That means the full sized product is a little over ten times the size of the sample. That means by extrapolation the full sized bottle would last about ten months. 

I should add here that this is in no way a sponsored post and the link is just a general link to their website and not an affiliate one. I just happened to pick up the product and liked it.

While I have several other hair masks to try out, I enjoyed this product far more than I thought I would and am tempted to go ahead and pick up the full sized version to have on hand.  I have tried a couple of masks already that were just meh. Which makes this a little extra exciting for me.

I’m sure as I experiment with various products I will come across things that don’t do well for my hair and it might be nice to have a product like this on hand as backup.  In addition, I’m walking outside more since I am not going to the gym and the summer sun really does a number on my hair each year.  At $18 it is not cost prohibitive and it is a really nice product.

I suspect that I will put it on my list of products I like, but talk myself out of purchasing it until I have tried a few more things.  Then  I’ll try something I really don’t like and I’ll finally order it wishing I ordered it earlier.  Either that or I’ll order it as part of my ‘its my birthday’ purchases at the end of the month. Regardless, at some point, I am fairly certain a full sized version of this will make its way back into my shower. I suspect that as I haven’t tried any other Verb products it will be joined by a couple other things I find to try out while poking around on the website.

In case you are wondering, this is my normal shopping experience.  I tend to forget to order things and then run out of one product, or find a need a product that I ran out of a while ago and then realize I am out of a bunch of other things (if I’m ordering from a site like Alyaka or Lovely Skin, both favorites of mine for multiple brand purchases, I’ll like the sites at the bottom of the post for those interested) and then add on so it’s a large order or I’ll go on a brand website and after picking out what I came there for, I start poking around.  Especially if there is a saving of shipping charges once your order reaches a certain price. 

Seriously I am so easy, just promise to waive shipping charges and I’ll think – well I did want to try…- and then I’ll increase my order almost every time.  Of course, I also put things off until I get around to beating the shipping charges.  I have one order where I am seven dollars short of beating the $5.99 shipping fee.  My baby doll has a cream that he likes that I order from them.  It is a little over $8 so I’m waiting for him to want to reorder to place my order in. Mostly because I know if I don’t  wait, I’ll order, pay the shipping fee and need nothing from them, then he’ll ask me to reorder his cream and I’ll have to pay another $5.99 then. I think he only has another week or so left before he reaches the level where he feels like he is running out and needs a reorder.

At least he remembers to tell me when he runs out now instead of thinking the skin care and soap fairies pay us visits in the night. I am pretty sure he thinks shampoo is magical, or at least the refillable pump I keep topped off in his shower is magical and never ending. Of course I also think he believes Dr. Squatch is a friend of mine (as in ‘I’m running low on that soap, can you get your friend to send more.’) That may be just wishful thinking on his part as he is fond of Bigfoot/sasquatch/Yeti books and occasionally films.

Okay I got a little off track there, but to sum things up, great mask, I enjoyed using it and I will be purchasing the full sized version (and probably sampling some other stuff from them).

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