ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Stick Foundation Review

ABH Stick Foundation

This week my foundation of choice was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation in the shade Caramel.  Not that you really need to know the shade, but as I like to keep a record of the shades I use, especially when they work well for me. This turned out to be an excellent summer shade for me, although I doubt I doubt I’ll manage the shade past August.

Last summer in an attempt to find a travel foundation that would not spill or break I tried stick foundations for the first time.  The two I tried were from Nars and Revolution and I used them both down to nubs.  For some reason, I didn’t pick up any more stick foundations until now.  Which is a shame as I really do like using stick foundations. I really need to pick them up more often.

But how did I like this stick formula?

First, let’s hear the claims.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation is a full-pigment cream foundation stick that delivers buildable coverage with a natural-looking matte finish. Formulated for face and body, this essential matte foundation stick comes in 26 foundation shades, 3 contour shades and 1 highlighter shade to cover every skin tone—and undertone—and is ideal for oily and combination skin types. This easy-to-apply creamy face makeup stick is a multitasking complexion perfector for concealing, highlighting and contouring that’s also ideal for on-the-go touch-ups.

I rather enjoyed using this formula this week actually.  It is definitely buildable and once in place, it stays there. It is matte and very natural looking.  I found it was very easy to work with on a low makeup day. 

Now, when I use stick foundations, there are two ways I like to work with them.  One is to dash strips across my face in key spots and then blend out with either a make up sponge or a brush. The other is to use a brush on the stick and then just apply with the brush. While the first makes me feel like I am applying war paint and getting ready to attack my enemies (sometimes a desirable feeling – just don’t go as far as the pillaging, embrace the feeling, but don’t feel you have to act on it). It does automatically apply more product to the skin than the second method, at least with this particular formula.  If you know you are going for a super high glam look, this is probably your method. (although to be honest if going for full coverage, this wouldn’t be my formula of choice, but I’ll get to that in a minute.)

The formula can be a little stiff in the tube, so just hold the tube in your hand for a moment or two to warm it up, and then apply. It is a somewhat thick cream so I found a brush works better than a sponge for application.  You can touch up with the sponge, but full application with the make up sponge is a bit of work.  The brush is much easier. Save yourself the trouble and use the brush.

Bare face, nothin’ but skin

If you aren’t going for a high glam look and just want light to medium coverage, don’t go for the stripes.  Instead, roll the product up a little bit so that it is barely over the rim of the tube, then brush over it with a your foundation brush, and apply it to your face.  Don’t be tempted to roll it higher as it will just sort of get pushed over the sides and make a mess.

Dressed for a casual day at the computer screen (hair fixed later)

If you have a red patch you are trying to cover, but still want a lighter makeup look, I would take a smaller brush and dip into the foundation, then go over the red spot lightly to give it slightly more product than the rest of your face, then use the foundation brush to apply the rest.  Use the makeup sponge to adjust the edges and blend the one spot you spent more time covering.  If you need more coverage, then just dip back into the foundation for another go round.  Then, if you find it necessary go back in with concealer.

I find this method gave me all the coverage I wanted for a regular day, and used far less product than the striping the face method.  I found the formula light weight when only a thin coat was applied.  Applying more layers made it feel a bit waxy and slightly heavy, so I think if I was going for a full coverage look, I would choose a different foundation.  But if you are going light coverage, this is a good foundation to use.

End of eight hour day

Now, I will say I tried one day of the heavy application and didn’t like it, so I shifted to the lighter side very quickly.  On the day I used it more heavily, I did notice that I was getting some settling into lines, particularly around my mouth, by the end of the day.  With the lighter coverage I didn’t get that at all. It stayed in place with no settling for a full eight hours.  I suspect that while the formula is buildable, it really is the type of formula where less is a better idea. I really didn’t have any issues with oil seeping through, It is Tennessee in June so there is a bit of glistening, but nothing really damaging.

While I wouldn’t wear this for a full coverage look, it is a very nice formula for me to wear on a daily basis, and it is my summer shade.  Both of these things mean that it will be staying in this summer’s rotation. This is a foundation, you will see returning.


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