Kenia Ontiveros Beauty: The Set and Define Kit: A review

While this week featured a return of a previously reviewed foundation, The Maybelline Fit Me Foundation to be exact, this week’s make up bag had a brand new face palette in it.  I used the Kenia Ontiveros Beauty Set and Define Kit that came in my July Boxy Charm Premium.  It is an interesting palette as it has a white/translucent powder, a setting powder, a highlighter, contour, dark contour and bronzer.

The Mattify Powder went on well and worked as a pretty good face powder.  My issue was the pan size.  While the pans are fairly good sized they are located rather close together because they are in a palette. The palette is six inches by four inches in case you are wondering.  Each pan is an inch and a half square.  Generally, this is a good sized pan. 

Top row Swatches, Mattify, Set, and Highlight (L to R)

Unfortunately, my usual powder brush likes a little more space to spread out. When I dipped it into the Mattifying powder it picked up the mattifying powder as well as some of the setting powder and the contour powder.  So I had to dig out a smaller powder brush and use it instead.  I think I ended up using a blush brush.

 I know that sounds a bit whiny, but each morning I kept reaching for my regular powder brush out of habit, then had to change it out.  In addition, because I was using a blush brush, it looked like a blush brush and I occasionally grabbed the brush I was using for blush instead of the one I was using for powder. It was a bit of a mess and it kinda threw me off.  With face powder, I generally stick to products that are in their own compacts. And with this I realized why.

I like face palettes generally, but I generally stick to the blush, bronzer highlight and contour palettes.  I’m not sure I like the powder in there. I think for traveling it might be nice so I wouldn’t have to pack separate powders, although I generally pack a powder compact in my purse anyway. It is something I travel with and something I just generally add to my purse in case I need a touch up.

I know that’s sort of a long winded way to say the mattifying powder was okay, but not really good enough for me to get over my annoyance and want to reach for this palette. 

It wasn’t helped out by the setting powder either.  While it too is an okay powder, it came up slightly yellow on my skin tone.  It’s a good product, just not my color. 

I am however in love with the highlighter. It is quite frankly the star of the palette.  While it is pink toned when first applied, when blended, the highlighter gave me a subtle glow that seemed more golden in tone.  It was a really nice subtle highlighter that is perfect for office wear or a nice night out.  Not that I’m going out much, but it worked really nicely on my zoom calls. If they sell this highlighter individually, I would consider picking it up to add to my collection.

The bottom row: Contour, Dark Contour, and Bronzer (L to R)

The contour, dark contour and bronzer, not so much. The colors are nice in the swatches but on the skin I found them patchy and hard to blend.  They wanted to stay exactly where I put them when I applied it.  Where the brush touched down was their new home. So I ended up with lines that just weren’t blending out.  I ended up using my foundation brush to try and blend them out, essentially using the foundation left on the brush to sort of erase the contour and bronze. 

Which isn’t really the point.

This palette retails for $42 on the Kenia Ontiveros Beauty site.  In the hand it feels more like a $20 palette. In the end usage, I am keeping it for the highlighter (because I really love the highlighter) and will probably use the Mattify powder every time I pull it out.  It will be a ‘you can’t have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat’, scenario where if I want to use the highlighter I need to make myself use the powder.  That way I’ll at least use two of the six products in the palette.  Although I think on those weeks, I’ll take my regular powder brush out of the bathroom so I can’t accidentally grab it.

Normally, I would post my eyeshadow palette of the week review next, but to be honest even though I pulled an eyeshadow palette out to use, I didn’t use it.  I kept things very simple this week.  My morning makeup looked like I was attempting some sort of speed record. My makeup bag ended up very lip product heavy while my eyes mostly got a dash of mascara, admittedly I really liked this week’s mascara.

I think I might have used a different lip product each day.

So there will be no eyeshadow palette review this week. (There will be a second unrelated post up in its place though).

And my makeup bag review will feature a lot of talking about my lips. For those as lip product obsessed as I am, enjoy, and for those not, fair warning and all apologies. But next week my schedule resumes something approaching normality. So no super speedy makeup. Which is good for me because this week I also had a new eyeliner I really wanted to try but didn’t get around to. So next week, the eyes have it.

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