Reviewing Mauve Obsessions By HUDA Beauty

The Mauve Obsessions Palette

This week I chose to use the HUDA Beauty Palette Mauve Obsessions to use in my weekly make up bag.  This is one of the small square palettes from the Obsessions line.  There are nine shadow pans with the general theme of, you guessed it, mauve. 

If this sounds vaguely familiar, it is because a while back I reviewed the Topaz Obsessions palette from the same line.  While I liked that one, I have to say, because of the color story, I actually like this one better. 

First row of swatches (L to R)

The mattes are creamy and pigmented and the shimmers are easy to work with and have little fall out.  While the shadows aren’t terribly powdery, it is still a good idea to tap your brush off after dipping into the pan and before putting the shadow on your eyes.  If you don’t, there is some fall out, especially from the darker matte shades. 

Center row swatches (L to R)

I found the shadows to be highly pigmented but very blendable.  My favorite thing to do with this palette is to pick one of the darker shades, apply it on the outer corner of my eye with one brush and then shade it in towards the inner eye with a second clean brush.  I found I can make it as dark or as light as I want this way. Even though the darker colors are highly pigmented, this method let me sheer them out if I wanted a really light look or build them up to something more intense.

Third Row Swatches (L to R)

Then I went in with one of the shimmer shades to lighten the inner corners.  While in the past I have layered some of the colors, this week, I really liked the simple, easy look this gave me. It took almost no time and stayed in place all day long with little fall out.  To be honest this is the look I tend to go for in the summertime regardless of palette, It is simple and easy and tends to have fewer calamities in the sun. I admire the super outlandish looks that others create, but know they are not for me. Especially in the summer. when the weather cools, I tend to spend more time layering colors, but in the summer, I just want things simple and easy.

Quite frankly I found these shadows to work amazingly well for this sort of application. As I used this palette in the winter to create more layered looks I wasn’t entirely certain it would work for me in the summer. I was pleasantly surprized.

The color array is nice.  If I wanted to go more neutral, then I dipped into the brown and then accented it with the white.  If I wanted more rosy I went in with one of the darker mauves and accented it with either pink or gold.  For a barely there look I went in with either the lighter pink matte or the neutral central shade. 

Given that it is a small palette, it was still quite versatile.  It was as bright or as neutral as I wanted it to be and quite frankly I really enjoyed using it this week.  Given its small size and versatility, this also looks like an excellent choice for a travel palette as it doesn’t take up a lot of space.  I know there are more palettes in the Obsessions line as well as at least one other line of small palettes by Huda Beauty (the Neon Line) as well as full sized palettes.  I think that given how much I like the formula of the two Obsessions palettes I have, I might look into picking up more of the Huda Beauty palettes, both small and large, in the future.

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