Stila Sheer Illumination Skin Perfecting Primer Review

This week there was no new foundation in my makeup bag.  I went with the Kristofer Buckle Triplicity Foundation Stick because I just couldn’t resist it. It is super lightweight and blends into the skin so that you don’t appear to be wearing makeup.  Except that you are because your skin looks better than it did on its own. Well at least mine does. It is a great summer product.

Don’t worry, next week there will be a new foundation to try. I had one arrive yesterday and a couple more are on their way.

So this week I am reviewing the new to me primer I used instead.  This week I tried out the Stila Sheer Illumination Skin Perfecting Primer in the shade Lingerie Souffle. Okay I will admit, part of the reason I wanted to give this a try was because of the container.  I mean seriously, how pretty is that jar?

But a product can’t just be pretty, it has to work.

So first of all let’s look at the product claims from the website.

Experience a rush of freshness with Stila’s most luxurious multi-function primer. The opulently-whipped gel formula primes skin with the added benefit of two finishes – illuminating or bronzing.

New generation light-refracting pearls add a natural-looking glow with a blurring, skin perfecting effect. Innovative gellifying ingredients and emulsifiers allow for a smooth application, without the usual associated tackiness. Skin-loving formula with natural botanicals and over 70% water for a refreshing feel, all day. Apply under foundation to prime, or over foundation to refresh your complexion.

This primer retails for $36 in case you were wondering (although at the moment it is 30% off at Lovely Skin) and I picked up the illuminating one instead of the bronzing one.  First off, it smells vaguely fruity. Not like actual fruit, but more like fruit scented candy. The scent is very light though and dissipates almost as soon as you open the jar so if you have issues with scent it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Personally I kind of liked it.

The primer has an amazing whipped texture that melts into the skin and feels more like you are applying a really light face cream than a primer.  It is however very easy to pick up too much of the product when dipping into it.  A little goes a long way. 

During the week, I ended up using it three ways. 

The first was to apply it on my face with only a dusting of powder and go about with a more or less my skin but better natural vibe.  The second was to use it under foundation as just a plain primer and foundation combo. The third was to apply it, apply powder and then apply foundation over.

In all three ways, my skin did look brighter but it wasn’t greasy looking and shiny.  Typically that tends to happen for me with illuminating primers, especially in the summer time.  It is why I tend to go for the matte primers generally.  Under powder or foundation, the illumination in this just gave my foundation a little depth.  If you are someone who likes a dewy, glowy look, then this probably isn’t for you.  If you usually go for matte products, this might be something to look into for the days when you want to switch it up a bit.  It is a light glow without the wet greasy look that sometimes comes along with the glowy look.

While it says that there isn’t any tackiness, I have to disagree.  I found once applied, it was quite sticky.  For me that was actually a plus. The purpose of a primer is to both smooth your skin and to grip the products that go over it. So stickiness is kind of a good thing during application.  I really like applying my powder after my primer and before my foundation. 

This primer really worked with that sort of application.  The primer locked my powder into place and made my foundation apply even more smoothly than without. (and no it was no longer sticky at all once the powder was applied. The tackiness of the product gripped the powder well however and made an excellent long wearing base.)

The primer also worked well under the foundation without powder. In general I really liked the Stila Sheer Illumination Skin Perfecting Primer.  While I still prefer my matte primers, for days where I want just a little something extra or an assurance that everything will stay locked in place, this is a good primer to reach for. Plus I get to look at the pretty jar on my dressing table. Kind of a good thing either way.

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