Weekly Weight: 202.8 lbs

August 14th, 2020

This week felt really good. I was able to get back to a more normal footing, so to speak. Not all my exercise involved my ProsourceFit arm weights. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, and I still did the arm movements when at my desk for a little extra movement, but it was nice to walk again.

And the weather sort of cooperated. It was a little cooler, although more humid and prone to afternoon showers. But I managed to get my slow and steady walks in during the cooler mornings when the sun hadn’t turned the air’s moisture into a complete misery. And my ankle didn’t balk once.

The trick for me is going to remember to keep up my food diary. I noticed that as I started walking more again, I started to forget to write things down. If I’ve realized anything on my enforced slow down of the past couple of weeks its that I need to do both. I need to watch my caloric input as well as my output if I want to manage my weight loss. I still can’t believe how off track I got by thinking that at this point I knew what I was doing.

So the food scale is out again and the measuring cups have reappeared for more than just baking. Because clearly I need the record. Thinking I was doing the right thing without double checking let all sorts of bad habits creep in, especially since my baby seems to think a pandemic means stockpiling snack foods and then slowly eating them throughout the month before they go bad. Sweets I can avoid, pretzels and dip I have a harder time with. Measuring them and counting the calories helps.

I know it’s not exactly new information. Every person on the planet trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle knows this. I just needed the reminder.

Also I started timing activities this week and I am starting to come up with a set schedule for the upcoming week. In my work life I find I am far more productive if I have a check list where I can just mark things off each day. I figure, why not try that with my exercising. After all when I go to the gym I do a specific number of reps (or time) at each machine moving in a circuit, so why not try it here? I’ll be putting a preliminary test routine together this weekend based on my notes from this week. I don’t know if anyone is interested but I will post my preliminary plan either Sunday or Monday. I’m sure it will be tweaked, but you might find it interesting to see what I set up.

But for now, the stats.

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Weight Last week: 203.8 lbs

Weight this week: 202.8 lbs

Weight loss this week: 1.0 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 43.2 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx): 79.8 lbs

I know I say this periodically, but take my weight left to lose with a grain of salt. It is an estimation. When I started my diet I asked my doctor for a healthy range for my frame and I found that at that time exactly half of my weight was within that range. So half of my body weight is the number I chose for my goal. I may approach the goal and decide that another number works better for me. I just needed a goal to more or less work towards. When I reach the stage where I feel healthy and look healthy, I will stop losing weight. The scale is a tool to help me reach a healthy weight not a flat out goal.

I feel I needed to say that this week as I had a conversation with someone who seems very obsessed with the numbers the scale reflects. While that may work for some, I personally think it is healthier to just use it as a tool and an estimation rather than to fixate on a number. I just needed the number to represent my goal of a healthy weight. The goal is health not some external ideal.

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