Petit Vour August 2020 Unboxing

Petit Vour is a monthly subscription box that focuses on non-toxic and plant-based beauty.  The box is $18 per month (or as low as $15 if you get a yearly subscription) and each month subscribers receive four products in a box always valued over $50.  This is a newer subscription for me and I have to say, thus far, I have really been liking it.

The products included have all been quality products and to be honest, they are not ones I would have picked up on my own.  Some simply because I haven’t heard of them and others because I passed them by thinking I might try them at some later date. 

Not only have I found a couple of products I definitely plan to repurchase, but through this service I have found several companies, I didn’t know existed.  While the products in the box may or may not end up being on my repurchase list, I have been able to place several companies who focus on producing clean beauty products on my radar and will be trying out other products they produce at a later date. 

One more thing about this box, and it may be an odd thing to state, but with the exception of the strip of mailing tape designed to keep the box sealed in the mail (and which is easily removed from the package) I can cut this box into pieces and, along with the undyed little paper fuzzies used for packing material, add all of the outer package to my compost bin. I cut it up so it decomposes faster. I know that sounds odd, but because of their packaging choices I don’t have to throw away the box and packing material or send it out to be recycled. Given how much care they took on the inside, I appreciate them doing the same on the outside.

So when I saw that my Petit Vour Box was in my mailbox today, I was very excited.  I also have to say that more than most, this box is always a complete surprise to me.  While spoilers for other subscription boxes are hard to avoid, this one seems to fly below the radar, at least for me. Maybe I just miss them, I don’t know. This month I didn’t see a single spoiler for the August box so the entire thing is a complete surprise.

Yes, you may insert excited giggles here.

So let’s see what August’s box holds.

It is still sealed so that I won’t accidentally open it until I am ready yo use it.

This month apparently there are five items instead of four.  The first is a Lengthening Organic Mascara from Harvest natural Beauty (retail $18).  While I have never tried anything from Harvest Natural beauty and never tried any natural mascara that I am aware of, I am always happy to have a new mascara on hand. 

I am almost at the end of several mascaras and so will be purging some from my dressing table at the end of the month (because they are getting a bit old). So I will set this aside and wait for a little while before opening it, but it will make a visit to my weekly makeup bag in the near future. Then there shall be a detailed accounting.

Now I have heard of AKAR Skin before. I tried an eye cream sample and I remember absolutely loving it but it was so long ago that I can’t really remember the details. It was also before I began reviewing products so I don’t have notes to go back to either. I automatically made the ooh sound when I saw the brand name so I know my association with the brand is a positive one. The Balance Toning Mist (retail $15) which is in the August box is new to me.  I’m not entirely certain what a toning mist actually is.  Is it a toner that you spray on?  It sounds like it, but I’ll have to look into it further before I use it, and let you know when I figure it out.  As an aside though, how pretty is that bottle? It may be vain of me, but I really do like looking at pretty products. I won’t keep something around just for looks, it has to work, but I really do like the pretty packaging too. And this is very pretty.

Another brand that I know I’ve used in the past is the EiR NYC.  Again I can’t remember the product but I had a positive reaction to seeing the brand so I’m sure it was good.  This is the Tough Love Cuticle Balm (retail $12). As Autumn is rapidly approaching and soon it will be time to clear out the garden and get it ready for winter, this is a timely product for me. 

Every spring and autumn my hands take a beating as I work in the garden.  In the spring thought there seems to be enough moisture around that nothing dries out too badly.  In the autumnal garden prep, my hands and cuticles always dry out fiercely.  I think I sweat in the gloves, but the air is drier.  I always end up using much more hand lotion after my late season chores where as in the spring I get red and raw patches from fighting with weeds.

So I am pumped to have a cuticle balm.  I have to say I opened the little metal canister and found that it smells exactly like the Speak Natural Deodorant I used a few months back.  It has the same look and the exact same scent. Also as the box was in my metal mailbox in the sun, the cuticle balm sweated a little bit. I won’t touch it until it cools and the sweat will be absorbed again. The same thing actually happened with Speak. I’m sure it is just a crossover of ingredients, but I find it a little odd.  But if it works, I’ll get over the oddness.

To go with the cuticle balm is the Kukui Cocoa Nourishing Body Butter (retail $3) from Andalou Naturals.  I’ve never used the brand before, but I have seen them around.  At the moment I have several body lotions and hand creams open so I will set this aside for when I finally manage to empty a couple of them.  I am close on a couple, but I would rather leave this sealed until I am ready to use it. While I am never really super thrilled to see hand lotion/body butter in my subscription boxes, there were five items instead of four this month, so I am willing to consider this a bit of an extra.

Finally there is an Oil Cleanser from Kahina Giving Beauty (retail $10). I am always happy to try out a new oil cleanser. I am actually still using the oil cleaner I received in last month’s Petit Vour box. As soon as it is empty I will rotate this in to give it a try.

All in all I am very happy with the products in this month’s Petit Vour Box.  For my $18 I received $58 worth of products.  So it is a couple of dollars over the $50 estimate. I’m guessing that’s why there were five items this month as there was no mention of anything extra on the card. I am very much looking forward to trying out pretty much all of these products.  I’m also really happy that one of the items was a makeup item, the mascara.  While I love all natural skin care, I know very little about all natural and plant based makeup.  It makes setting this mascara to the side for a few more weeks a test of will power as I am very curious as to how it will perform.  But as I also don’t want to waste product, I will set it to the side and wait. Meanwhile the Tough Love Cuticle Balm will be going next to my gardening gloves and the cleanser will be waiting to go into my skin care rotation.  The Akar toning spray will also go into the mix once I figure out if it is actually a toner or something else.  Personally, I am looking forward to finding out. While I find all of the products interesting, that is the one I am most intrigued by and can’t wait to try. I think it is the orange, beckoning me in. It will be fun to see if it works as good as it looks.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

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