Testing out the Decorte Moisture Liposome Serum

The 9 mL / 0.3 FL oz sample size of the Decorte Serum

This serum came in one of my Glossy Boxes a few months back and I was very happy to finally work it into my skin care regime.  The sample size was small, but it did last for almost two weeks.  I was about three days shy.  While most skin care requires about thirty days to actually show results, I generally find that in two weeks I can figure out if it works well enough with my skin to bother trying a full sized version.   (In case you are wondering that’s why there are no before and after results pictured).

Moisture Liposome. Pure perfection, supreme moisture.

Now I have tried a small foil packet of this serum before and I liked that tiny sample enough to do the skin care happy dance when I saw Glossy Box included this sample in my monthly beauty box. Especially since it is a fairly pricey serum. There are three sizes; 2 fl. oz. / 60 mL for $125, 1.3 fl. oz. / 40 mL for $95, and .67 fl. oz. / 20 mL for $50.  So you can see why I wanted to try out a larger sample before committing to a full sized version. Incidentally, the sample size included in my Glossy box was 0.3 FL oz./9mL.

So what is a liposome serum and what is it supposed to do?

Well according to the product page…

You can change the destiny of your skin.

That’s the philosophy behind Moisture Liposome. The most essential factor for strong, beautiful and healthy skin is care that supplies and maintains high-quality, continuous moisture to keep skin in a prime condition – resistant to dryness, roughness, and other troubles.

A lightweight, super-moisturizing serum, Moisture Liposome, with Liposome Technology™, effortlessly becomes one with skin to promote a smooth, healthy, and radiant condition. Highly compatible with skin, multilayered capsules measuring just 0.1 to 0.2 micrometers composed of biomimetic phospholipid bilayers are time-released to infuse skin with lasting, all-day hydration; improving skin’s texture, firmness and translucence. Works in synergy with skin while enhancing the absorption of subsequent skincare products that follow.



First off, I need to say something about the packaging.  When you screw off the cap, it looks like there is just a big hole in the top that product is going to come pouring out of.  It doesn’t.  It’s the kind of stopper where the product doesn’t come out until the bottle is squeezed.  Personally, I like that as I am often working with wet or damp hands during my skin care routine (if not cream coated) so I occasionally drop things into the sink.  (Rip Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder). I’ll admit, I did drop this and not a drop spilled because of the bottles design.  

I know, not the point of the review, but an excellent design feature.

When squeezed, the bottle dispenses a little dot of product into the hand.  The small amount is exactly what was needed to cover my face and neck.  Any more, was too much.  It is not a liquid, but it isn’t really a solid cream either.  It is like a gel or water cream in consistency. There was almost no scent to the product at all. 

Most of the time when I tried to smell the serum I just smelled the remains of my cleanser on my skin and not the actual serum.  So even though there is fragrance listed as the final ingredient in the ingredients list, it is not a noticeable addition. Unless the fragrance added is there to nullify the scents of the other ingredients, in that case well done. If you have issues with scent in skin care, this serum is not going to be a problem for you. 

It is very hydrating.  Seriously, one of the reasons that a little is enough is that more just takes longer to absorb so you are waiting forever and feeling like you are wasting product. The extra will absorb with no problem, it just takes longer. My skin tends to be normal leaning towards oily in the summer so a small amount was fine for me, but even adding too much didn’t make my skin go greasy, it just took longer to absorb. If you are a little more on the dry end of the spectrum, you may have to use a little more product, but I think it could work for you as well. It seemed like a very versatile formula.

I have to say, my skin soaked it up.  On days where I spent too much time in the sun, this was an amazing product to use fight after washing my face.  While I liked it now because it never made me greasy, I think I would like it even more in the winter time when my skin is dryer and dealing with central heating. 

I never noticed the micrometer sized capsules talked of in the description, but then without a microscope why would I? 

I will say that it kept my skin hydrated and soft.  While I can’t prove that it helped other skin care elements in any way, I can say that it did not react poorly to any other ingredients in my regime and while using it, the slightly dry patches around healing ‘mask-ne’ weren’t dry at all.  It also didn’t irritate any of my break outs either. It just quietly and inoffensively hydrated my skin. Which is all it was really asked to do.

But now the big question, would I actually purchase this product?

To be honest, I would definitely pick up the smallest $50 size to try for a full long trial. Because of the two week trial, I know my skin reacts well to the serum, but quite frankly I didn’t use it long enough to be able to see actual results. And if I’m going to spend $125 on a product, I want to know that I’m going to show some results. I would pick up the 20 mL size because it would give me enough product for a full thirty day trial.  Whether or not I would spend the $125 for a 60 mL would depend on the full length trial.  I do know that Look Fantastic sells Decorte products and they pretty routinely have sales and discounts and I am always up for a good discount. 

Incidentally, Look Fantastic is about to begin their Labor Day sale it runs from 8/25 – 9/9. There is 22% off Sitewide with the code LABORDAY22. So now might not be a bad time to stock up on some products.

Given how well my skin reacted to the sample size though, I think I will be testing the Decorte Liposome Serum out this winter in a full sized trial.  I think I’m also going to look into more Japanese skin care because of this.  To be honest I know more about Korean skincare, mostly because there is so much of it around. Maybe I’ll be able to find a sample kit of Decorte products to try.  While I don’t know if they offer a sample pack for sale, I do know they also sell makeup and I always have a soft spot for skin care companies that also product makeup

Whether skin care or makeup, this liposome sample from my Glossy Box has gotten me more interested in the brand Decorte (and I suppose Japanese skin care in general) and I suspect once I’ve cleared out a little space in my skincare drawer, there will be a longer full sized test in store, at the very least. So apparently I have gone from foil packet, to sample sized, to planning a month long trial. Don’t you just love when that happens?

Liposome #1 Serum in Japan

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