BoxyCharm Unboxing August 2020

Finally my Boxy Charm box has come in.  Technically I received notice that it shipped on the 8th, so it feels like I have been waiting forever.  I actually didn’t get a notification for my Boxycharm premium, however both boxes came in on the same day.   Well not to me they didn’t.  My boxes were delivered to one of my neighbors a block over, with the same street number but a different street name. The boxes were labeled correctly, but the mailman just made a mistake.  Sadly not the first time.  Last week I walked over a large box from Wayfair for her that was delivered to me.  It was also addressed correctly, just mistakenly delivered. 

But all is well now.

And I am getting to know one of my neighbors, sort of.

So what was in my Boxycharm box this month?

Well, the first item I took out of the box was the item I chose.  That was the QMS Medicosmetics Active Glow Tinted Day Cream (retail $105).  I know, I didn’t have the best time with the eye cream however I have a cousin who swears by this cream so I figured I’d give it a shot. 

She and I generally have similar skin issues.  She also wasn’t a big fan of the eye cream, so I have high hopes for this product. As it seems like a very summery type of product, I might use it as my ‘foundation’ next week and go for a really light and natural look.

Next up was a Cargo Eyeshadow palette, the Nude Beach eyeshadow Palette to be precise (retail $39.99). I’m not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed.  All month long they were advertising an either or with a Violet Voss Palette and a Butter London Palette.  I had my fingers crossed for the Butter London. 

the Cargo palette

I know it is always a gamble as to what you get, but I didn’t realize Cargo was an option.  I’ll get over it, but I have to say even without the general disappointment, this palette wouldn’t exactly send me into spirals of rapture.  It looks kind of boring to be honest.  I’ll still give it a go and who knows, maybe it will surprise me.

The next product did send me into spirals of rapture.  It was the Clarins Velvet lip perfector. (retail $26).  I really like Clarins.  I tried their water stain last week and really liked it so I am happy to have this product to try.  I’ve also tried one of their moisturizers before and I ended up really liking it. I think that next week, this too might end up in my makeup bag.

This month was apparently my month for lips as I also received the Trestique A matte for every mood mini matte lip crayon (retail $58).  As I have already been using a different lip kit from Trestique off and on all summer, I know I’m going to enjoy using this. 

The other shades I have are more sheer in color though and these appear to be actual pigments rather than a sheer wash of tint so it is nice to have the mix.  At this rate I’m just going to need to keep out a jar just for my Trestique lips.  I’m not complaining though, if I had more space in the bathroom, I’d happily keep them out.

They are easy to reach for and always feel good on my lips. At this point I am actually close to being able to do a full face of Trestique. I’m missing foundation and blush. And eye products, although i don’t know if they do those. I’ll have to look into it. Then maybe I’ll take advantage of their shade matching service and pick up a foundation. (I’ll link that below in case anyone else is interested.)

Selfie Shade Match

Finally there was a Definer Brow Pencil from Real Her (retail $16). I have a Palette Trio from Real Her that I really like (blush, bronzer and highlight).  I actually need to find a better place to store that so I reach for it more often.

Hopefully the brow pencil will be good and when I reach for it I will remember the palette and pull it out more often.  It’s one of those rare palettes where all three products actually work for me, but it is somewhat smaller than the other palettes near it so it gets hidden.  Seeing the brow pencil might remind me to use it more.

So that was my August Boxycharm.  For my $25 I received $244.99 worth of products. It was a pretty good box this month all things considered.  I was a little disappointed in the eyeshadow palette, but that was mostly because I adore Butter London’s shadow formula and had my fingers crossed and hopes up. (I love their Power Up mascara too actually, it is on my list of top five mascaras).  Truthfully, I am okay with Cargo’s formula as well.  Sometimes it is hit or miss, but it is generally okay. The color scheme of it just doesn’t thrill me. If it weren’t so beige I’d be happier. But that is just me doing a bit of whining and not really a very valid complaint.

It was a good box this month, better than it has been in a while actually. I’m still thinking of pairing it down to one box at the end of the year, but this doesn’t make it easy to choose as to which one has to go. I think I just might wait until December’s boxes come in and sit down to look at hits and misses throughout the year and see which one ranks higher before I make up my mind. It will probably be a last second decision. For now, I am content with what I received. And I can’t wait to try out the all the lip products from both Clarins and Trestique.

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