BoxyCharm Premium Unboxing for August 2020

The August box was a little beat up when it arrived, but nothing was broken.

When my neighbor dropped off my Boxy Charm box, they also brought me the Boxy charm premium box which was delivered with it.  For those who don’t know Boxy Charm Premium is a $35 per month subscription from BoxyCharm.  In it you are supposed to get six (occasionally seven) full sized items.  In the past few months, these boxes have been hit or miss.  I have to say though, the August box hit it out of the park for me. 

The first item I unboxed was the OLEHENRICKSEN Banana Bright Face Primer (retail $38).  This was actually the item I chose this month.  I love OleHenricksen products and you know I love primers so I it was a win win for me;  good brand and a product type I love.

The second item in my August Beauty Box was the Ciate London New England Editor Palette (retail $32).  I believe every box was supposed to get this palette this month. 

While it occasionally feels like I am slowly building a shrine to Ciate in the depths of my dressing table, I do like their products and I am happy to see this shadow Palette.  I have to say I am pleased by the color selection.  It looks like it is going to be a lot of fun to play around with.

The third item also comes from a brand I love.  It is the Dermelect Cosmeceuticals XL Lash Volumizer. I’ve tried mostly Dermelect skin care (and really like the Dermelect Self Esteem Serum) but I had never tried any lash products. 

Contrary to how it sounds, this isn’t a mascara but a lash treatment.  I took before pictures of my bare lashes and will be using this nightly (as directed) for the next month to see if it makes a difference. 

The wand for the dermelect, the product is a white-ish liquid so it is hard to see

I was actually debating between several lash serums to try out when this showed up so it sort of made the decision for me.  I’m sure at some point I’ll try the others out, but I have no problem starting with Dermelect.

Next up is a Mac Satin Lipstick (retail $19).  Mac was the first non-drug store lipstick I ever purchased and I will always have a soft spot for MAC Lipsticks because of it. The shade looks like it is going to be a good one for me. 

It is a reddish neutral and will be added to next week’s makeup bag so I’ll get to wear it for a full week.  (I suspect that with the Clarins and Trestique lip products from the regular Boxy Charm box next week’s make up bag will be very lip heavy.)

A long wear Gel eyeliner from Milk (retail $22) was in the August box as well and even though I am never super excited about eyeliners in subscription boxes (mostly because I accumulate them far faster than I can ever use them) I will make an exception for this.  I have tried the MILK formula and really like it.  In addition it is a white eyeliner.  These I use on my water line. 

Well I should say I use it for my water line.  I have one white eyeliner I use repeatedly.  Now of course I have two. So I was happier than I thought I’d be to see an eyeliner.

And finally there is the Fenty Beauty Portable contour and concealer brush (retail $24). Essentially what that means is that there is a cover and the metal bit slides up and down so it is easy to put the lid on without catching the bristles in the side.

It’s pretty cute with densely packed bristles. It looks like it will be good to use.  I’ll add it to my make up bag next week and give it a test to see how it works. The metal doesn’t lower all the way which makes me wonder if it will be hard to clean, but that is a worry for another day.

All in all I was pretty happy with this month’s Premium box.  It looked like it got kicked around a bit, but nothing was broken and it had a bit of an adventure getting to me. Every item in the box is one I will use, or at least try out. And the box actually felt premium.  For my $35 I received $162 worth of product.  It’s not the largest return on a box I’ve gotten but everything was priced accurately.  There was no strangely priced item included to elevate the price. But more important than price is the fact that I will use everything included inside the box.  That makes this month, one of the good ones. It’s almost like they heard I was going to cancel one at the end of the year and decided to make my decision as difficult as possible. Which I am perfectly fine with. I like being wowed by boxes instead of disappointed. I don’t think anyone buys subscription boxes hoping to be disappointed. and I think everyone could use a little less irritation in their lives.

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