The Daily: August 26th, 2020

This morning I woke up on time but ended up hobbling to the bathroom to begin my day. My abs were more or less okay. I don’t know if I’ve been working on them enough that they took yesterday’s work out in stride or if they decided to remain quiet and let other body parts take the complaining spotlight.

The tops of my thighs ached today.

Let me say it made today a bunch of fun. I was fine once I was in place. I could sit for long stretches with no problem. I could even walk with no real issues. It was the standing up and sitting down parts that got me.

Today I lived the law of inertia. An object in motion tends to stay in motion, and object at rest tends to stay at rest. That was me today. Once I committed to sitting, I was willing to remain sitting. Once I got walking, I was willing to remain walking.

I did not do an additional workout this morning even though I was awake early enough to get it in before starting work. I just couldn’t face getting down onto the floor. I strongly suspected once on the floor I would remain there for the day. I’ll do the workouts tomorrow but I think this week those are going to be Tuesday/ Thursday work outs. Next week maybe I’ll get Monday/Wednesday/ Friday set. I think I need a day between attempts.

I did get a walk in today. A good long two hour one. Mostly because I knew that once I sat down I wouldn’t want to convince myself to get up again.


Aside from being betrayed by my thighs (which to be fair I probably betrayed them first by not using them as often as I should) my day has been pretty good. I am well within my calorie range. An ad campaign I saw earlier has me craving strawberry ice cream which is kind of an odd craving for me. I like strawberry ice cream but I don’t usually crave it. I blame advertising. Someone is very good at that job. Or maybe not. I can’t actually remember what they were advertising. I just remember the ice cream. I don’t think they were actually selling ice cream though. There is however no ice cream currently in the house. Mostly because my baby doll went out and panic shopped meat a few weeks ago so we have a freezer full of meat. If you are craving bratwurst, my house is the place to be. Not so much for the strawberry ice cream. Probably a good thing for my calorie counting, but still disappointing when I opened the freezer.

So that is me today. I hope that those of you working on your own get fit plan are doing well , staying on whatever course you’ve charted and not in too much muscle pain. And if you are working out in the great out doors, remember, sunscreen and water. They are your friends and it is rude to ignore your friends.

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