The Daily: August 27th, 2020

Have you ever had a moment where you just sort of horrify yourself? I had that moment today. On thursdays I tend to do my laundry while I work. Sometimes I get up to fold it when I need a break, other times it sits in the dryer until after dinner. Today I decided I needed a break so I retrieved the laundry from the dryer and went to put it away. What did my horrified eyes discover?

As I was folding laundry I realized that all of the t-shirts I used this summer have reached the end of their respectable life cycle. And not that they were edging into it, these shirts have probably been ready to go for a while. I tried one on in the mirror and the good news is that the underarm discoloration is not visible when my arms are down. So I have not been flashing pit stains to my neighbors. Just the computer screen when I do my workout videos. Luckily there hasn’t been an incident where I’ve needed to run through the neighborhood with my hands waving in the air.

I’m not entirely certain what sort of event that would be.

I do know that I need new t-shirts. My only excuse for not seeing the damage done on my sweaty sweaty walks is that I generally function on autopilot in the mornings. Still they are going to be replaced. The benefit of using Hanes undershirts as my workout shirts is that they are easily replaced and not terribly expensive. Normally I would order and wait, in fact they are currently having a sale.

BONUS PACKS are back for a Limited time! Who doesn’t LOVE an extra pair?

However, these shirts need to go in the rag bag stat. So i am running out to pick up an emergency pack and placing an order for more. This is the main reason for the early posting of the Daily today. I hit all of the exercise and caloric intake I needed and dinner is well in hand. So now I am donning my mask and taking my vehicle out for it’s once a month drive to make sure everything works. hopefully shopping won’t be too bad at this time of day. Wish me luck.

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