This week’s Eyeshadow Palette: My Glamour Squad from Wet ‘n Wild

My Glamour Squad from Wet ‘n Wild’s Coloricon series

I know this palette had been around a while and everyone talks about it. On my last drug store run, having not been out of the house in a while, I took my time. I lingered, mostly in the personal care and beauty aisles. I picked up several things and this was one of them. It was $4.99 and I have to say, every penny was worth it. I had a lot of fun with this palette this week. I was very impressed with the quality and staying power of the shadows. The swatches are not the greatest. But as always I used only a finger tip swatch. They apply so much better with the brush and lose the patchiness completely.

The only shade that I didn’t really get much use out of is the top transition shade. You can see it still has the imprint of the word transition of the word transition at the top. (you can also see it on the bottom though and I used that way more). There is nothing wrong with the shade, but as you can see from the swatch, it is nearly identical to my skin tone.

The lighert transition shade is on the left followed by the top two shimmer shades (there are no names)

If I wasn’t putting concealer on my lids to give me a single color base, I could see using this, but I did use the concealer. So I didn’t dip into this pan all that much this week. I have to say the swatches do not do these shades justice.

the second row of shimmers

One the eye the shadows were very pigmented and not very powdery. They are soft to the touch. Not quite the buttery feel of more high end shadows but nice none-the-less. I had no real issues with shimmers migrating. I put them in place, sprayed my setting spray and they stayed most of the day. They faded a bit after eight hours, but I rarely wear makeup more than eight hours so this wasn’t an issue for me.

the mattes

The mattes were far more pigmented when applied with a brush. That black however is no joke. When using it, dip sparingly into the pan and don’t try and use the brush to blend. Get a clean one to blend it out or you will make a mess. Tap into the pan with one brush, tap it on the eyelid where you want it the darkest and then blend with a clean brush. Trust me, you will save yourself a lot of trouble with this method. It is well worth having an extra brush. (In general though I find this works well with any black or intensely pigmented shade) It is the most pigmented and the most powdery. As you can see it also splattered the other colors that came after it. Using the two brush method though, I didn’t have to brush away any excess powder from my nose or under my eyes.

On the eyes, there is very little fall out and the colors blend beautifully together. And yes, it is only in close ups of my eyes with my bangs pulled back that I realize how crazy my brows look. The brows aren’t done in either of these picks, please try to ignore them. For some reason brows are always the last thing I do, I even use setting spray before doing my brows.

Technically I use setting spray, then do my eyeliner and mascara, then I finish off my brows and move to do my hair. I always have for some reason. Maybe because brows are technically hair and I do my hair last when I no longer have to pull it back from my face.

Whatever the cause, crazy brows in these pics. The shadow though I really liked. I wasn’t expecting to get as much rosy tones out of this one, but I did. It managed it quite well. Conversely I also got a very neutral toned brown and bronze look which I wasn’t expecting. I thought the gold would end up more yellow. So I was pleasantly surprised. With this palette I wasn’t going for anything dramatic, I was just going for everyday office approved looks. For this, the palette worked really well.

I have to admit, I have a tendency to watch decluttering videos as I am sort of fascinated by what people keep and why. It always sort of threw me that I would see these Wet ‘n Wild palettes in collections and people would always gather the stack of them and set them automatically into the keep pile before agonizing over other choices. Having now used one of these coloricon palettes, I get it.

Not only did I really like it, but I think I will be going to pick up the rest of the collection to keep around. The mix of colors was fantastic, the pigmentation worked, the blending was great, and the entire palette cost $4.99. which means even my inner accountant was thrilled with this purchase. And since she is the one I have to convince to go on a shopping excursion of any sort, I won’t try to talk myself out of the purchase later on. It also makes me want to check out their other collections. If the formula remains the same, I am in.

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