The Daily: September 1st, 2020

Good Afternoon my darlings and welcome to my trainwreck of a Tuesday. I know some of you are wondering why there was only one review posted and this is why. This morning I posted my first review and then went to check my bank account as several things post on the first and I like to make sure things go through.

I know, I’m paranoid like that, but if I know when scheduled bills are posting I like to check to make sure they did in fact go through and there weren’t any hiccups. Trust me I’ve caught a few.

Today however everything went through well except that I noticed something odd. Several checks went through that I didn’t write. The fact that I haven’t written a physical check in about a decade was my first clue. The second was that I had never even heard of the company, let alone authorized the funds (and they were substantial. I always remember when I give companies large sums of money.)

So I picked up the phone and dialed my bank. That’s where the fun began. Numbers were changed, accounts deleted, investigations launched. The up shot is it is being dealt with (my bank has been fantastic about this actually). However my day was spent cleaning up a mess I was not expecting instead of doing what I planned.

So my second post of the day was skipped (i’ll sneak it in later in the week). Meetings were also postponed and my angst level was pretty high. I’m not sure if angst burns calories or not but if it does I am golden.

There is a dark amusement though. Because into every messed up situation a ray of black humor must shine.

While am am still able to pay my bills, because I caught it before they posted more checks (lets here it for paranoid checking!) the money they took is not available to me until the bank works through the issues and puts it back into the account. Which could take up to ten days. It is also the money I put aside for the Labor Day sales. And, if you’ve been following along in my posts, this is one of the first years I made a conscious effort to research and make a list of things I wanted to pick up during the Labor day sales.

What is the old saying? If you want to make God laugh, make a plan.

I somehow didn’t realize that applied to skin care as well. Silly me.

So this week I’m going to live vicariously through you. I’ll post all the sales I know about and hope that all of you out there are taking advantage of them. Except for the LLC that invaded my bank account. There are no skin care benefits for them. Only shame and my bank’s fraud charges. Although I’m not counting on the shame.

And now I am going on a long walk until my skin is sweating off my bones and account numbers stop dancing in my head. I’m considering it the healthier alternative to gobbling down the bag of pretzels in the pantry. And don’t worry, I have coated myself in several layers of sunscreen and have a large bottle of water by my side. Tomorrow the headache will have faded and normal posting resumed. Now there is walking and tonight there will be research into voodoo dolls.

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