The Daily: September 2nd, 2020

Today things felt a little bit more settled. I still spent a larger chunk of my day dealing with account numbers than I would like, but it needed to be done. I got two short walks in today which is nice. It is also so humid that I ended up finishing my second walk and went straight into the laundry where I peeled off my sodden clothing and put it directly into the mashing machine.

I added other clothing and did a proper wash load but there was no way I was leaving those clothes in the hamper overnight.

While I am getting used to working without a scale, its days like this that I really sort of miss it. I managed to avoid consuming the bag of pretzels stashed in the pantry, but the lure is still strong. It would be nice to step on the scale to add extra encouragement to my non-snacking.

And that’s nothing against pretzels. Or even snacks really. I just know that if I pull out a snack when annoyed I won’t stop with a small amount but plow through the whole bag. I know I can’t be trusted. So the bag is unopened in the pantry. It will remain so until I can stick to a proper portion size.

I’m guessing that will take about 5-7 days.

At least that’s how long the bank plans to take to work things out.

Otherwise I am sticking to my designated caloric intake. I did not manage to get any extra workouts in today, but I did put the ankle weights on my ankles and then forget about them until I went on my walk so that is something. I know it’s not a terribly exciting work out log. It mostly consists of me not over indulging in stress eating. Which is sort of a triumph. At least I’m taking it as today’s little victory. The little ones are just as important as the big ones, mostly because the big victories are the culmination of all the little ones added together.

I’m hoping that I’ve done enough damage control today that tomorrow I can work on getting back to normal. Fingers crossed.

strength and toning equipment

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