The Daily: September 3rd, 2020

I know it is a bit early, but I have to actually head across town for a meeting (an actual in person one at that) and I have no idea when I’ll be back near a computer. In person meetings are somewhat amusing. There won’t be more than five of us in the meeting and it will be around the largest conference table. While there is plenty of distancing space it always makes me feel as though I’ve forgotten something. I’m used to either a smaller meeting space or more people in the meeting. In those meetings, I take my bag and notebook. My bag gets put under the table at my feet and the notebook, perhaps joined by a travel coffee mug are on the table. There isn’t room for much else. now because I’ve got so much space to my self I feel as though I’ve forgotten something so I spent the first few minutes with low grade worry as my subconscious runs through lists of what I could possibly have forgotten.

However, meeting aside, today has been a pleasant ordinary day.

After this week it is amazing how good normal feels.

And I would like to take a moment to apologize for the stress filled angst of this week’s posts. Thanks for bearing with me.

This morning I woke early and knowing the humidity would rise and the air quality was just going to be a mess I went on a walk first thing. Before my coffee even.

I know. Pre coffee walks.

Then I had to cool down while my coffee brewed. As I still wanted to do half an hour’s exercise, I utilised the Busy Beauty Showerless wipes, saving my shower until after round two. Those things have been AMAZING to have around this summer. They cool me down, tidy me up until I can get to the shower and they make me and the air around me smell like peppermint.

The peppermint scented me then caffeinated and worked like crazy all morning. Shortly before lunch I did half an hour with the Wii Fit. I mostly concentrated on the step program. While I was not the most coordinated of individuals I managed not to trip over my own feet. After several rounds I indulged myself in a little Wii bowling. I can only really play the Wii bowling by myself as I tend to get laughed at.

When I was little my family went bowling a lot (my grandfather LOVED bowling)and the movements of throwing the ball down the lane are ingrained in me. So I can’t just swing the little controller, I have to move my whole body as if I am actually throwing the ball. It is a good exercise and I do have a rather high score, but as everyone else just wiggles the controller I look kind of silly so I just call it part of my exercise. I actually play as two people when I play alone, one for me throwing with my right hand and the other for me throwing with my left hand so I can exercise both sides evenly. And even though my loved ones laugh, the two highest scores on our system are both mine. That’s right even my left handed bowls better than everyone else. So they can laugh all they want. I get the exercise and the high score.

And then I got the shower, ate lunch and began getting ready for my meeting.

Today I am in a much better frame of mind. I have worked through the calamitous issues and life is getting back to normal. and so with that, I will gather my notebook and head off into the land of the giant conference table. Tonight’s dinner is a spring roll salad with shrimp. Despite the shrimp the salad is mostly two kinds of cabbage (red and Napa). It is one of those meals where my belly will be full and my jaw exhausted from chewing long before I get anywhere near going over my calories. Still there is something about the giant bowl that feels extravagant. Even if the bowl is mostly cabbage. Maybe it’s the shrimp mixing with the bright green of the cilantro and the festive purple-red of the cabbage. Either way, I am still on track with my calories today. As long as I avoid the Danish wielding Administrative Assistant at my meeting, I will be fine.

It feels really good to be fine.

SiO Beauty Cryo System

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