The Daily: September 8th, 2020

The thing about the day after a holiday where I over indulged is that I become obsessive about counting calories and hitting my workout goals. Possibly a little too obsessive in the absence of a scale.

Earlier I had a breath mint. The calories were on the side of the package. For a second I contemplating adding them to my food diary then decided I couldn’t be that obsessive. After all I was only eating one mint.

I somehow doubt the three extra calories will be what does me in.

And then just as I was contemplating the line between monitoring to stay on track and becoming a complete obsessive, I got an e-mail invitation to a zoom funeral.

Maybe invitation isn’t the right word.

It was a link to a funeral home with no other information. I called the person sending it to get some details. It was for an older friend of the family who had been very sick for a long time and finally let go. The death wasn’t completely unexpected, but I hadn’t been told it happened.

I know there isn’t a Miss Manners for arranging zoom events like this, at least I haven’t seen one, however I think it might be a good idea to tell someone there has actually been a death before inviting them to a conference call at a funeral home. I remembered that Johnny was sick and more than likely terminal in April when quarantine began, but heard nothing after until the zoom call email.

Not the sort of surprise I like in my in-box.

Although I have to say there was a somewhat farcical nature to the zoom call as most of the people on it were well into their eighties and not quite adept at managing the technology. So two things for the Miss Manners Zoom Funeral Etiquette books: Let people know there has been a death and who has died before inviting them and remind grandma (and assorted others) that other people can hear her when she speaks. It may be a computer screen, but it isn’t the same as talking to a television.

People can hear you and answer back.

almost giving grandma a heart attack and providing the need for a second zoom call set up.

Although to be honest, Johnny would have gotten a kick out of it.

While calories were counted and workouts completed today before the e-mail and call, tonight there will be a memorial glass of Jamesons.

I won’t be counting those calories.

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