The Daily: September 9th, 2020

Last night I had a glass of the Loch Lomond, two fingers neat to be perfectly clear. It is a wonderful sipping drink although usually kept for cooler months for me and quite frankly it didn’t go well with the memory of my dinner salad. But it was a memorial glass, a toast in absentia.

I forgot how good the Loch Lomond is, even out of my normal whisky season. (summer is always for gin in my book – on Friday’s I either do a martini or a Gin and tonic, once the cooler weather starts I shift to a glass of red wine or a whisky depending on the mood) This has just the right amount of peaty smoke taste for me without being overpowering. The Loch Lomond is carried by the Whisky Exchange (i’ll link them below if you are interested). Our local shops don’t carry it, or didn’t last time I looked so we always order it to keep in the cabinet. It is well loved by various visiting family members. And perfect for a memorial.

I also slept really well last night.

But I was slow getting started this morning, so there’s the trade off. And why I limit myself to one drink on Friday nights.

However I made up for it with strict calorie counting today and an added walk. Over all it turned out pretty well I think. I am still really missing the scale and I am beginning to get a little angry at some of the listed calories on the back of the packages. “Only 70 Calories per serving!” and then you find out there are five servings in what you thought was a single serving pack. So it is the usual annoyance with calorie counting, nothing new. I think it bothers me less when I have the scale to fall back on. But other than having a slow start, it has been a pretty good day. And tonight I am making spring rolls and miso soup for dinner.Yum. Salty, but yum.

The Whisky Exchange

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