The Daily: September 10th, 2020

Today was quite normal. deliciously, blessedly normal. I got up, I hit my workout goals, I stayed in my budgeted calories. I got work done. There were no catastrophes, no calamities, no banking issues and no deaths.

well okay there were probably deaths somewhere, the world being what it is.

But no one surprised me with a funeral zoom call.


And surprising. I hit my to do list today with determination. Mostly because I suspected that at some point my plan for the day would have a torpedo blow a hole through it at some point. But it didn’t.

And I got things done.

Everything I put on the list got checked off. I know, I did my Santa Claus impression and checked it twice.

I know that most of the items weren’t major ones but even the little things were on the list and I have to say, while I felt silly putting those things on the list, It felt really good just to draw a line through them. i feel such a sense of accomplishment seeing the marked out list.

Adding to the feeling is that I tried on a pair of jeans that I couldn’t fit into a month ago and they fit. They are still a little snug around the waist but not uncomfortably so. They button, they zip and they are a size smaller than the pair I have been wearing.

So….everybody MAMBO!

I know I sound kind of manic. It just feels like it has been a while where I had a day without someone else chucking a freak out at me. It makes me appreciate monotony and routine in a way I never thought I would. I know at some point I’ll complain about boredom if it goes on too long, but for now, routine is nice. Getting work done is nice, and fitting into a smaller size of jeans is even nicer. Also I got enough done today that I can actually take my afternoon Face Mask Break tomorrow without worrying. Ah Friday Face Mask here I come.

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