The New England Palette from Ciate London

The Ciate London The Editor’s Palette: New England

I’ll be honest, I have no idea why there are palm fronds on the front of the Ciate London New England palette. It has bothered me all week. The case itself is nice hard plastic that would travel well and the colors inside are a nice mix.but the cover art made me think I was going to be opening a tropical palette every time. It isn’t, many of the colors are ones I associate with New England.

The palette is an interesting mix of mattes and shimmers. The mattes layer well together and blend well. They are over all not terribly pigmented.It is great for building looks but you will be taking a while with them.

top row swatches (L to R)

This is one of those palettes that swatches really well with a finger tip swipe but takes work when using a brush. Even the dark blue at the end of this row takes a little bit of work to apply and build up. If you are worried about going overboard on your application, this is a good palette to start practicing your building of layers or to do a light look.

Middle row of swatches (L to R)

The second row in the palette features darker colors, but again, they swatch better with a finger than with the brush. It is actually the opposite of the Cargo Palette from last week. There the shadows swatched horribly but were quite smoothly pigmented on the eye. Here they swatch well but take work to build up.

third row swatches (L to R)

The shimmers are absolutely lovely, but again with a dry brush they do not have a lot of pay off. However if you spray your brush with a little bit of fixing spray they become far more pigmented and you can get a very good metallic look to them. The colors pop quite a bit when used this way. It is a very drastic change from a light wash of color to full blown metallic. I did an eye look concentrating on the metallic pink shade in the center of the middle row.

the mostly metallic pink at the start of the day on the left and at the end of the day on the right

The above look I used the metallic pink as an all over shade and then put the white shimmer (second shadow from the left on the top row) at the inner eye corner. Mostly I wanted to see how it fared throughout the day. This is the same eye six hours later. I tried the look both with regular fixing spray and with my current spray as well as with no setting spray of any sort. The results were the same. After about six hours whatever eye look you create will be pretty much gone.

In the end the mattes aren’t really my favorites, but the shimmer and metallics are well worth keeping around. They are fantastic if applied with a damp brush, but not very good with a dry brush. The colors are amazing on the eye and spectacular looks can be created, however spectacular won’t last. I will be keeping this around for something like a dinner out or even a quick trip to the grocery store. I’ve found that as my mask covers almost everything else I’ve gone a little brighter and bolder with my eye looks when i do leave the house. It is a good palette to have around in my collection as I tend to lean more towards neutrals and can use the color, I just have to remember, it is a palette with a time limit.

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