Weekly Weight: 3rd Week No Scale

Morning all. This week was a bit tumultuous. And I’ll admit there were a few days where my calorie count was broken. But I think I have managed to once again wrestle control of things, at least temporarily and I am back on track.

That has always been the key to any diet. Before when I would try to lose weight I would try, and do an okay job at it and then something would happen and I would get discouraged and give up. Now no matter what happens, I take the hit, understand that life happens and then get back on track.

Because in the end this isn’t about looking a certain way or fitting into a certain stereotypical image. It is about my health. Let’s face it when I was younger and in great shape I didn’t wear bikinis because I didn’t like feeling that exposed when I went to the swimming pool, so it isn’t like I’m trying for that now. I want to take pressure off of my knees and ankle joints as my primary goal.

Admittedly fitting into a smaller size of jeans this week was a really nice feeling.

And without the scale feelings are what I am going on for my assessment.

And today I feel pretty good. My eyes are a little puffy from the end of summer allergens floating through the air. I’m not certain what plant causes it but my eyes will be itchy and puffy from about now until the first cold snap that puts everything in it’s place. I’ll take something to help my nose before bed each night and then poof I will wake up, the dew will be a slightly crispy crust on the grass until the sun touches them and like magic no more puffy eyes until spring.

As far as allergies go it’s pretty mild, more an annoyance than actual trouble. Of course now even the slightest sniffle in public can cause you to be an instant pariah with people clearing a wide swath around you. As I personally know at least five people in my area with far worse allergies than me I’m sure the next few weeks will be fun to watch. Our local news has already started running the how to tell if it’s allergies and not covid broadcasts, so clearly I’m not the only one concerned.

But other than the seasonal eyeball itch, I feel pretty good physically. Mentally I am kind of spent. It was an exhausting week. This weekend I have pulled a couple of Peter Mayle Books from the shelf and plan to just sort of zone out into someone else’s fantasy world. Hopefully it will let my brain rest for a bit and recharge for Monday. Still missing the scale a bit, I can’t lie about that. But over all I think I did pretty well this week.

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