September 2020 Boxycharm Premium Unboxing

Boxycharm Premium is a monthly beauty box subscription.  It costs $35 per month and generally has six full sized beauty products in the box. This month’s theme is Glam Vibes only. To be honest, most months I’m not really sure if the theme actually relates to the contents of the box.  This month I’m guessing that that the theme is because pretty much everything in the box is rather high end.  Although to be honest as it is a premium box, I would already expect that. Theme confusion aside, I am rather pleased with my selection of products this month.

The first item I took out was The Queen Eyeshadow Palette by Eloise Beauty (retail $46).  I have never heard of the brand, let alone tested the shadows, but it is a vibrant palette that looks like it would be fun to play around with.  As most of the palettes I’ve received lately have been more neutral in tone, it is kind of fun to have some brighter colors available.

The second item I pulled from the premium box was the item I actually chose for my selection.  It is the Marc Jacobs Youthquake Hydra-full retexturing gel crème.(retail $59).  I have to admit, I have been lusting after this crème since its release.  I really enjoy Marc Jacob’s products so I really wanted to see what the brand did in the realm of skin care.  When makeup brands lean into skin care it is very rarely a neutral middle of the road product that gets produced.  It is either really good or really bad.  I have my fingers crossed for the really good.  I have about a week left on my Dior Dream Skin Moisturizer trial and there is a very good chance that instead of sticking to my plan I will jump this ahead of the line.  I may try to resist, but I am not entirely certain how well that will work out.

Next was the Emma Hardie Brilliance Facial oil (retail $55).  I dimly recall hearing the name Emma Hardie before but for the life of me I can’t remember where or in what context.  I’m fairly certain I have never tried anything from the brand (or if I did it wasn’t all that memorable).  So I am thrilled to find a new brand I’ve never really heard of and to test out the product.  With first the Malin + Goetz Recovery oil and now the Timeless Skincare 100% Squalane Oil I have to say I am really starting to like incorporating oils into my skin care routine.

The fourth item in the September premium box was the Kitsch Ice roller ($18).  Apparently this is the month of the rollers.  I received one Jade roller in my Look Fantastic Box this month and a second Jade roller in my Glossy Box. I already had a rose quartz roller which I really like.  I keep it in the fridge and it is marvelous when I come in from the heat or when my allergies have me all puffy eyed. 

At the moment it is rag weed season where I live so puffy eyed is kind of my default state at the moment.  I will be passing on the unopened Jade rollers, since I already use my quartz one, but I will try the metal Kitsch one as I want to see if there is a difference with using the metal one versus the stone one.  Currently it is chilling down and getting ready for its first use. To be honest I enjoy the roller tools more for the depuffing and cooling rather than the serum application.  I find the serums work better with a vibrating cleansing tool like a Fereo or a PMD wand. Not that I won’t try it with the serum.

The next product in my September Premium box I was very pleased to see.  It was very shiny and hard to photograph as it kept throwing back light, but it is the Milk makeup Kush Lip Scrub (retail $22).  I have used this before.  It is extremely mild and very soothing. 

With most lip scrubs you sort of have to rinse or wipe the exfoliate off of your lips once you have used it which sort of removes the balm agent as well.  With this you don’t.  The grains are fine enough that after applying you rub your lips together and they sort of disappear.  This is a great product to use every night as it won’t over exfoliate and it softens as well. I was very happy to see it.

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Finally, the last item I removed from the box was the Stila smudge stick Waterproof eyeliner (retail $22).  Do I need another eyeliner? No.  Is it a good eyeliner? Yes.  I’ve used it before and if I remember correctly it was nice and creamy and while smudgeable when applied, once set, it stayed put. And unlike my liquid eyeliners it won’t really dry out.

I may have to take stock of my open eyeliners before deciding it I am going to use it right away or keep it unopened for a while. For now it is staying in the box so that I know I haven’t used it. This is actually the perfect excuse to go through my liners.  I know I have several that have dried out or that I just don’t like enough to keep. I was planning to do a big fall declutter of my dressing table as well as my wardrobe as I switch to fall and winter clothes.  I was aiming for the first weekend in October to do this, but there is no harm in starting my eye liner perusal a little early.

But that is another topic. Back to the Boxycharm September Premium Box.

So was this a good box?  Yes.  Every item in this box is one I will use, or that I would like to try out.  There are brands I love and a few I have either never heard of or only dimly recall.  It was a nice mix of products that actually felt premium.  On occasion some of the premium boxes haven’t really felt that way.  I’m hoping to chalk it up to quarantine shipping issues and hope that they now have a workable system in place.  The boxes certainly are getting better.  Last month and this month were both a welcome relief from the not so great boxes the few months prior.  So the end balance is that for my $35 I received $222 worth of products.  While the price is fair, I am happier that they are all products I am more than happy to try out and use.  That for me makes the box worthwhile.  Don’t get me wrong the return on investment is nice, but there really is no point in getting expensive things you aren’t going to use. These are from quality brands and they are products I will use. So I have to say, for me, September was a five star box.

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