Glossy Box Unboxing: The September 2020 Spa Edit

Glossy Box September 2020

It’s September Spa Time, is the theme of this month’s glossy box and I think it an apt theme.  Glossy Box tends to lean towards skin care over all, with a few makeup items here and there but this month it is both skin care and self care oriented and who doesn’t need a little bit of that? But first the basics. 

Glossy Box is a $21 per month subscription box based in the UK. I kind of like that as they tend to send products I’ve heard about, but never gotten around to trying because they aren’t readily available where I live, or that I’ve never heard of.  Of course there are also several brands I have heard of and like included as well. 

With this subscription you can sign up for a year and get it for the price of $18 instead of $21.  What I like about this is they still charge you monthly so you don’t have to pay the lump sum of a year’s worth of boxes up front to get the discount.  I’m actually on this plan, I signed up for a year and will be getting these boxes at least through July 2021 for the $18 rate. Honestly I’ll probably be getting it longer as I really enjoy this box. If you are new to Glossy Box, you can get your first box for a discounted price as well in order to try it out. Just use code GLOSSYSPA16 from now until September 30th.

But what came in this month’s spa edit?

Well I opened my box, untied the lovely little ribbon, opened the tissue paper and picked up the jade roller. I really like this one, it is smaller and more compact than the others as it doesn’t have the secondary smaller roller on the bottom of it. 

As I quite frankly never really use the small roller on the bottom, I’m quite pleased with its compact size.  Of the two jade rollers I received this month, I believe this one is the one that I will keep while I will pass the larger Jade one along.  (My quartz roller is the exact same size as the other jade roller). This Magic Jade Roller is from Melusine Cosmetics and retails for $21

The next item out of my Glossy box this month was the Rosen Skincare Break out spot treatment (retail $12).  Like the Jade roller it was a full sized item.  This is an overnight treatment that you put on breakouts before bed and let sit overnight. 

At the moment my skin is relatively clear (I have no illusions about that lasting, I just haven’t gone anywhere I need a mask for a few days and thing have cleared up), but I do have one break out on my chin that I might try this on to night to see how it works. I did open it and it smells very peppermint-y and looks like whiteout.  I am very curious.  As it is a one time over night treatment, I may be reporting back on it in the morning.

The next full sized item in my Glossy Box was the Daily Concepts Daily Beauty Headband (retail $12).  It is a giant pink scrunchie designed to hold your hair back while you wash your face or use a dace mask.  I hae one very similar that I use all the time  As a matter of fact I have used it enough that it is starting to wear along the elastic lines so it is nice to have a replacement.  I know I will get a lot of use out of this item.

The next item is a deluxe sample sized item and it is the Banila Co Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Cream. (the Deluxe size is worth $6 while the full size is listed at $42).  I’ve used the Banila Zero Clean before and really found it to be an excellent cleansing calm.  I can understand why they went with a deluxe sample size rather than a full sized version of this cream in a subscription box (aside from the cost). Although it is a really good sized deluxe sample.

I opened it and tried it out as a night cream last night (mostly because I was frustrated with my current night cream). While I will continue using it and report back after a week or two when I have used up this sample, I think the scent is going to be polarizing for some.  It smells like whipped honey.  Clover based honey to be exact. 

Honey is one of those scents you either love or hate I’ve found.  To be honest I really like the scent.  But I could see those who aren’t honey fans hating it just based on scent alone.  But then again, I like it so I am very happy with it. I am also happy to try out something else from Banila Co as I really did enjoy their cleansing balm.

This month there is an Exfoliating Wash from Codex Beauty It too is a deluxe size (value $18, full sized product $45). And what would a spa themed box be without an exfoliator or a face wash?  I’ve never heard of the brand Codex before but I do love a good exfoliator. And a good face wash too for that matter.   I have a few weeks left on the Avant exfoliator I am currently using and when I finish it I will replace it with the Codex to give it a whirl.  Oddly enough I think the Avant might have come from a Glossy Box as well. 

And finally an element no spa visit is without, the face mask.  This one is a Ruby Sheet Mask from Vitamasques (retail $7).  The name sounds familiar.  I believe on my first box this was one of the oprions for the face mask.  You could either get this one or something else.  If memory serves I got the something else.  So I haven’t used the mask but the image is familiar. And when am I not happy to see a new mask? Glossy box seems to include a face mask in almost every box actually.  At least I don’t think I’ve gotten a box without one, admittedly I haven’t been subscribed all that long.

I have to say I am very happy with this month’s Glossy Box selection of items.  It fit the theme very well and included all items I am willing to try out or will get a lot of use out of.  Even though all boxes seemed to have gone roller happy this month, I really like the fact that there is a skin/self care tool in the box that I can use repeatedly over time and not just use up. The same goes for the headband which I’m sure I will use quite a bit. The mix was well curated. As for price well for my $18 (or $21 if you are paying full price individually) I received $76 worth of items. As they are all ones I will use I am extra happy with the value.

I also like knowing that once I’ve used them I can review them on the Glossy Box site and get credit back (about $0.40 per review) to use towards a purchase.  I love that I can actually use the Glossie Credit in the Look Fantastic site as well since they transfer over and it is a HUGE site with weekly sales. Plus Glossy Box just released their own affordable skin care line that Glossy Box subscribers get extra discounts for as well. I’m currently using the eye serum (which came in last month’s box) and debating over which of the cleansers I want to try out first.  They have several different ones available and I can’t make up my mind as to which I want to try first.

Free GLOSSYBOX Water Bottle when you purchase any skincare with code GLOSSYSKIN

Ah the conundrums of skin care Junkies. I have a little while before making a decision as I have a few deluxe sample sized cleansers I want to clear out before purchasing a full sized one. So it gives me a little time to think and plan. Plus the seasons are starting ever so slowly to change so I can plan for my soon to be autumnal skin care needs rather than my summer ones. But plotting and scheming aside, I really enjoyed this box and I am very glad I signed up for a year. Not only did it save me money, but as these boxes tend to sell out fairly rapidly I am assured I will be on the receiving list for the next year.

Oh and speaking of selling out quickly, the Glossy Box Advent Calendar is now available for pre-sale for subscribers.  I know, it’s September so not everyone is ready to plan the holidays, but these advent calendars sell out FAST so if you want one you need to get on the list. The products are always an amazing mix of skin care and makeup.The promotional photo in the link looks like a really good mix of products included this year. So if you are looking at beauty themed advent calendars this year, this might be one to look into, just do so quickly if you want to get on the list. 

Plus then you can feel virtuous for starting your holiday shopping early. Which let’s face it, may be for the best this year.  I think both on line and in person shopping this holiday season are going to be absolutely insane. Normally November first sees me frantically making my lists and creating shopping themed battle plans.  This year I am going in early and shopping strategically.  Anything that can be planned early is being planned.  I have several family members with December and January Birthdays as well as the holidays, so those are on my list as well. 

One of the birthdays indicated that even though she normally eschews holiday themed birthday gifts, she would be willing to make an exception for the Glossy Advent Calendar so I’m getting my order in quickly so I can at least check one birthday off the list. So one down and quite a few more to go.  And yes I felt very virtuous putting in the order for a January 3rd birthday present in September. After all If I can do holiday planning early, I can do anything.

Except fly like superman. That I still can’t do.

But I can wear the heck out of a cape.

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