The Daily: September 29th, 2020

The rain has returned. So I am doubly glad I spent extra time outside yesterday. it may have thrown my schedule off, but as I’m not leaving the house today, I can catch up. It seems like that is generally the autumn cycle. except that this year I’m not making up for the lack of outdoor walking with the gym. This makes me a little bit nervous. I also realized I’ve fallen back into the habit of thinking I know how many calories I am eating instead of diligently recording them.

I know that is not good.

But I got busy and forgot. I need to get back into that habit. especially as I am still without the scale.

Today is kind of an off day in general though. My baby doll is home today. And not working from home, just home. His allergies have stopped him up and made him grouchy and persnickety. So he took a sick day so as not to inflict himself on his co workers.

I love the fact that whenever he feels sick or out of sorts he forgets where things are located in the house. Thus far I’ve been asked where we keep the tea (in the tins marked Tea oddly enough), where we put the honey (In the pantry next to the syrups), how to make oatmeal, where the cough drops and tissues are as well as where his favorite blanket is. I’m not supposed to call it his binky because he claims it isn’t, but the moment he feels even slightly our of sorts that is the blanket he wants to get.

So there have been many interruptions. He refuses to let me do anything like make the tea or oatmeal or even get all of the things out for him because he insists he can do it himself and he doesn’t want to cause trouble. So I get the stop and start day and he feels he managed to suffer stoically in silence as I got on with my work. And yes he thinks the twenty plus interruptions are actually him suffering stoically in silence while leaving me alone to work.

But we’ll have an early dinner so he can take the allergy meds his doctor gave him, they knock him for a loop and cause him to sleep early and deeply. Then tomorrow he will be back to his old self. So I’ll probably be working late this evening and normality will resume in the morning. At least he really is very good about having only one day of down time. As the ragweed still has me a little stuffy I kind of envy the one day take down. but such is not my fate.

Today is more about making sure tea with honey gets where it needs and less about making sure I burn my calories. I am making a conscious effort to log in what I eat today though and I’ve put a post it note reminder on my monitor for tomorrow. I need to get back into the habit of writing things down. If I have gained weight in my month without the scale, I’m pretty sure the lapses in recording are part of the reason. At this point while I am a little worried about what the scale will say I am sure that the reality of it will help steer me back onto the right track.

So before I once again leave you to locate the some how missing tea canister again (its amazing how magically disappearing that canister is) here are a couple of fun specials you might be interested in.

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Happy shopping, I’m off to find the tea tin. I’m pretty sure it ran away with the honey in a blatant attempt to out do the dish and the spoon. lets hope nothing tries to beat the cow jumping over the moon. I’ll be back tomorrow when my baby doll is back to normal and the chance of rain looks like it’s a slightly lower percent of possibility.

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