The Daily: September 30th, 2020

I feel like I’ve been playing peek-a-boo with the sun this week. Today it has returned. It also brought temperatures that are about 15 degrees lower than they were before yesterday’s rain. Dare I hope that autumn is here to stay?

Yes I dare.

So today I walked and I started thinking about what needed to be switched before fall really sets in. This weekend, I’m flipping the wardrobe and putting the summer clothes away. Luckily this past weekend I did a grand purge and anything that won’t make it through another summer was removed. Oh the sweat stains. There are only so many times you can wash something before the white salt line becomes more or less permanent. Several of my garments reached that stage.

They will now find future use elsewhere, mostly for dusting and other cleaning purposes, but a few to be cut out and sent on as quilting squares to a friend who quilts. I cut them into flat more or less rectangular pieces and threw away the stained bits. So not all the cloth went to waste. None of the garments removed from the closet are donation worthy.

It’s sort of a strange game I’m playing. Its called “Will the garment wear out before I reach a smaller size.” I know not as catchy as Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune, but I’m sure as soon as I get my own theme song it will really take off. This round, things wore out. I’m hopeful that the next time I play the size change will take the lead.

Today I remembered to write things down in my food journal. I also realized I needed to move the post it note reminding me to log into the food journal around so that it doesn’t just become part of the background and thus something i ignore.

Over all it has been a pretty quiet day. Tonight I start sorting my nail polish. I’ll be getting rid of any that are now past the age of usefulness (i.e. clumpy or dried out) and then figuring out what colors I need to pick up as replacements. The two things I always seem to get for the holidays are new nail polishes and at least one pair of fabulous shoes (usually debuted on New year’s Eve).

I might only pick up one new pair of shoes for the holiday season, but I will pick up a new nail polish for each major event from Halloween on. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years are guaranteed their own polishes. Sometimes holiday gatherings get there own, but that mostly depends on how full the one drawer I allow my nail polishes to fill is at the moment. It is surprisingly not a very big drawer.

Which is sort of by design. I also only really seem to buy nail polishes in mass once a year. The rest of the year I may pick up one for a special occasion if I have nothing that matches, but otherwise I go a bit nail polish crazy once my gardening is done for the summer and my hands start to recuperate.

A few years back I picked up an Autumn Spice scented nail polish from Revlon which smelled like allspice and nutmeg that I wore for thanksgiving. Thus far it has been one of my better holiday picks. I like the color and the scent is really nice. The polish only lasts about two days without chipping unless you get a really good top coat to go over it though.

This year a really good top coat is going on the top of my list. I tend to forget to put that on the list and now I am down to a clear gloss that has the tendency to peel off entirely and take the bottom color with it as my only top coat. I’d tell you what it was so you could avoid it but it had a run in with a spilled bottle of red a while ago and I can’t read the label any more. It is definitely time for it to go.

I somehow suspect I won’t be getting any additional colors this year beyond my four annual picks (and top coat) as there won’t be as many gatherings to attend in person. Still, even if New Year’s eve ends up being me and my baby splitting a bottle of champagne while sitting on the sofa in our pjs, New Years eve will have a fantastic nail polish and a great pair of shoes. They may not go with a t-shirt and pajama pants, but that is hardly the point.

So the weather has changed and cooler temperatures and more time indoors has started the holiday planning and list making process. For now it is under control but by mid October I will be in full holiday planning mode. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t decorate until it is holiday appropriate. As this weekend is the first weekend in October the Halloween decorations and pumpkin carving will be done. Mid- November brings out thanksgiving and then December 1st Starts the Christmas Decorations. I will not be rushed on my decorations.

My neighbors started decorating for halloween two weeks ago. Admittedly i think it was more an ‘if you build it they will come’ sort of moment as they seemed to hope if they put out the skeleton decals and hay bales than the heat would magically break.

But even though I don’t decorate just yet, I am beginning my shopping battle plans. This year I have to mail presents to fourteen different US states and three separate countries. So planning is a necessity. Surprisingly most of my gift lists are made, I just need to pair them with sales and scheduling as well as the things I usually pick up for either me or the house at this time of year. then i have to figure out the ordering schedule.

But scheduling shipping and purchasing is for another day. Tonight there is nail polish to contemplate and tomorrow begins the hunt for the New Year’s Eve Shoes.

So my darlings, that is a snapshot of my world today. I know i veered off of health and fitness there, but hopefully you didn’t find the side trip too onerous. As a further aside, Ole Henriksen is having a sale. You can find it by clicking the link. If you do and then buy something I make a very small commission. I am quite fond of their toners and I am currently liking their banana primer. It smells exactly like banana candy.

EXCLUSIVE early access to Ole Henriksen’s Friends & Family. Plus, get 25% off sitewide (everyone else gets 20%!). No code needed. While supplies last. Ends 10/5/20.

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